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Apparently, this is my first post in 2012. It is 2-day past Valentine's Day and I would like to wish you all Happy Belated Valentine's Day.

I have been mentioning Mr. Right or any words related to it in my previous posts and in this post. You all can say that I am obsessed. I am not obsessed in having boyfriend or get married but I am obsessed in looking forward to have the perfect guy for me. This means that I am not desperate to have a boyfriend that I am willing to settle for any guys. Time does not matter so much. Therefore, I do not mind waiting.

First of all, the perfect guy for me must not be a perfect man (of course, nobody’s perfect). Even though he’s imperfect, he cannot be anyone.

Moral Values

What the most important to me is his personality. When looking through his personality, firstly, I have to see if there are some values that I really need my man to have. (Ok, sounds like in a Moral Education class back in school).

1. Responsibility. It is the second most important thing after love in a relationship. This means that, if he loves me, he know all his responsibilities towards me. With this value, he will not escape when I need him, and attend to me with knowing what to do. He will know that he must be punctual in dates or any important meet ups. He will also work hard on all his responsibilities. Therefore, when he is working hard, he develops another quality I like, which is hard-working.  He must also be responsible towards his own family, his friends, his work, his devotion, himself and everything lah…(cut the lah please). Also, if he has this value, he surely comes with another important value which is…

2. honesty. If he is responsible, he will not cheat nor lie. He will not cheat in relationship, or in study, or in work, or to his family and friends. And I’ve had done enough with big lies before. Remember, my past is still scarring me. Do not lie to me even if the truth hurts.

3. Independent. He must not always depend on me and any other person. It’s ok for a man to cry, but I do not accept a guy who makes puppy eyes when he does not even try to solve his problem on his own first. He must also be prepared and allow me to depend much on him (just kidding… I am actually a pretty independent lady).

4. Humble. A down-to-earth guy turns me up. The humility must not be made up, it must be natural, comes from deep down his heart.

5. Polite. I don’t like a guy who likes to say swear words. He must have good manner especially towards the elderly. He must be able to watch his words when talking to people. He must also respect women.

6. Kind. A selfish guy is a major turn-down to me.

Other must-have qualities & characteristics

1. Faithful. Nobody wants an unfaithful life partner. It is ok for me if my man stares at an attractive woman at a glance, or several glances. I do not mind also if my man compliments other woman, as long as he loves me and being faithful. And I will do my part my very best.

2. Wise. A wise man is a rational man. Wise to me is to have excellent judgment and have good conscience.

3. Non-smoker. A non-smoker guy is not necessarily a nerd. I cannot stand to cigarette smoke and I do not want to get used to it. Smoking is not only an unhealthy habit, it is also money wasting.

4. Non-alcoholic. Too much alcohol also waste money and make a guy wasted.

5. Have good sense of fashion. My Mr. Right must be able to dress well and simple. He must also know about women’s fashion.

6. Have a good sense of humour. I really love to laugh. I am prone to stress.

7. Loves to work out for fitness care.

8. Able to adapt to different culture - especially, to Bidayuh kampong lifestyle. Dare to bilanggi rambun?

9. Accepts me just the way I am. I know I have many flaws.

10. Taller than me. I am really short and small (less than 155cm). A guy that is shorter than me would look extremely weird if he’s standing and walking with me.

11. Nice-looking.

12. Not a nerd. If you are not sure you are a nerd or not, try to ask your colleague.

13. Loves animals especially cats and dogs so that we can have pets together.


It is not really important for the guy to have all the exact tastes as mine as long as we are compatible to each other. It will be a bonus if the guy has mostly the same tastes with me. I do not like it when a guy trying to impress me by pretending to like everything I like. However, my Mr. Right should be

1. Having the same faith as mine. I am a Catholic. I do not discriminate people by their religion. But I would like my Mr. Right to be a Catholic for some reasons including congeniality. 

My Mr. Right must not be

1. Attracted to my sister. People say we look alike in many ways. But she is much different than me. I always think that she is better than me in some ways, but do not get me wrong, I never jealous of her. If you like me, you must have to see my sister first and make up your mind carefully and do proper decision before confessing your feelings to me.

2. A musician. I love music. I also love guy who can sing especially with husky voice. What more if he can play guitar or piano or any other musical instruments. But I do not accept a musician (career) because musicians always put music first in his life. If you have that talents and you are not a musician, you really have the bonus!

3. Inferior of me. I am an educated woman. I may look dumb with a slumber + blur face. But I am like many women who always think they are right. I also have many talents and I learn pretty fast despite my slow motion. However, my Mr. Right should not fear of me and at the same time should not try to make me a fool; he should just admit my abilities. I never want to control and rule my man, but I want to be led by him. Therefore, a more knowledgeable (smarter-than-me) guy may have the advantage here.

4. A criminal. (Duh…)

5. Sex maniac or obsessed with boobs or obsessed with butts.

6. Homosexual or bisexual. (also duh…)

7. Too talkative.

8. Afraid of maggots, worms and cockroaches. I am too afraid of maggots and worms. So, if these 2 things are freaking me in my house, my man can remove them.


1. Having significant talent(s).
2. Really good looking/handsome.
3. Have Bachelor of med (doctors are smart :P) or master degree or PhD.

So, for the guys… if you sure you have all of the characteristics I want and you have the desire to know me, you do not have to send your resume to me. Just find me somewhere you can. (berusahalah &… lu pikir lah sendiri) Ha…ha…


Coffee Girl said...

The "Not interested in my sister" part... that does sound familiar. but blame it on the guy. Hope u meet ur Mr Right soon!

MarlyMarble said...

Ahaha... It happened several times already, guys who liked me at the first place turned to my sister and vice-versa. Finally we rejected them.
Thanks. I hope so. :)

En. Sly said...

Hi, Good afternoon. Sorry my English is poor. But anyway, I wonder how many guys really turn up to respond to your perfection?...or most of them been rejected... :(
Wishing you good luck in finding the Mr. Right :)
Have a nice day.

MarlyMarble said...

Hi, En. Sly. It is ok, mine either. I prefer quality over quantity. Not many guys had tried their luck, so it is not surprising if most were rejected. I had also been rejected!:( Are all of the must-have the criterion too perfect for a guy to have? I think guys who intend to be my Mr. Right should be grateful because they don't have to be famous and come from rich family. He also don't have to look like Korean artistes nor Calvin Klein models. Cukup sekadar elok mata memandang. Wealth, talents and good look are only extra points. He...he...
Thank you for the wish. Wishing you a nice day too.

mr_abs said...

Must not be attracted to my sister <<

hehe. well, i'm no mr right. i'm mr left :s

MarlyMarble said...

mr_abs... hahaha... mesti part ya paling lawak nak. mr left can also try to be mr right. heheh...

mr_abs said...

trying to be mr right la tok. hahahaha :D

GabbyRyan said...

Hello Marly. Just happen stumbled upon this post.
Couldn't help but smile when I read it. :D
Hope you have found your Mr. Right. :)

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