20 Interesting Facts About Me

1. I am a slow eater.
2. I love listening to retro songs. Sometimes I feel like I belong to the 60s-70s.
3. I often laugh with tears. I find it hard to stop once I laugh.
4. I really love cats.
5. When I was a schoolgirl, I had frequently changed my ambition --> teacher, fashion designer, architect, engineer, lecturer, rockstar, interior designer, makeup artist, doctor, businesswoman, and photographer.
6. My fears are worms, maggots and motorcycle exhaust.
7. I can read upside down words.
8. I never go clubbing.
9. I am pretty leery of other girls. When I was in school, girls teased me for being small, slow and nerdy + dumb looking. I also hate the drama that so many girls bring. I like to work and mingle with the guys; guys are fun and less fussy. Guys don’t jealous of me.  I think they like my sense of humour.
10. I am like any other girls who like fashion, makeup, flowers, and jewelries.
11. I joined the National Service (second season) in 2007 at Setia Ikhlas Camp, Semenyih, Selangor.
12. Some of my friends said I look like Katy Perry.
13. I enjoy admiring good-looking guy (non-sexually), no matter he is married, or an old man, or a priest, or a gay, or my close friend. I had found some men misunderstood me as flirting. Therefore I am learning to control this.
14. I love watching sunrise and sunset by the beach.
15. I can do basic Melbourne shuffle dance.
16. I like to sing, especially when nobody is around.
17. My all time celebrity crush is George Clooney.
18. I don’t play sports. But I do work out regularly.
19. I don’t really like to eat durians.
20. English is my third language.


En. Sly said...

Good evening. 20 nos. of interesting facts. Hope your 'Mr. Right' read them. Have a pleasant day ahead. Cheers.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Marly, love this posting, I guess most of us or not girls may have similar thoughts too.
You just go ahead have fun, as we are young only once....
Live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.

Coffee Girl said...

You can read upside down words? that is sooo cool. And just because you dont go clubbing, doesnt make you uncool. And no. 19, me neither, but tempoyak, omg my fav!

Have a nice weekend dayung!

ESP... said...

Good afternoon. How are you? Hope that you are fine. Wishing you a Happy Gawai celebration this year.

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