Cup Size Matters in Love?

It has been a long time and here I come again!

I have been busy sitting at home, even though it is really boring, but I had gone through some interesting personal experiences.  I got to know some guys from the net, and met one of them in person when I was in Kuching to attend my Convocation Day. 

But there is one thing which I thought quite saddening lately. It is something that I have been realizing for ages already, but it bothers me more these few days. It is about the acceptance on women's physical appearance, especially one that influence sexual attraction of a woman- the cup and butt size. 

Does breast size really matter? Most flat-chested women spend their lives worrying that their breasts are too small, which explains why women opt for breast augmentation. People say that the impression that guys love big boobs are merely driven by the media. But now, I see for myself, through guys I have known, most of them really sought and drool over big boobs. One of my male friend,  posted something like "there are more profound reasons of why guys love big boobs" on his wall recently. To me, loving large boobs doesn't need further explanation because large boobs are simply pleasing and heart pumping. Then, I commented there, "how about the small boobs?" He replied me, "you have to work for it". I am a flat-chested woman and I am not getting any fake boob job! 

The Chesty Christina Hendricks 

I can see that a curvy/chubby women are more accepted than thin flat women, because they have that thing, just that theirs are quite "excessive". Now, I honestly say that I was actually rejected from going into further relationship because I have flat body, as flat as a board. I was dismayed of how shallow minded the guy is, but I think a guy deserves to pick a woman he desires. He is not perfect though, not even good-looking enough, yet he is still searching for a perfect looking woman. So I moved on and told myself not to impress a guy who cannot accept me for who I am, he is totally not for me. 

The flat-chested Kate Hudson

Some questions still linger in my mind now; does a thin and flat chested women not deserve to be loved? Are flat women not female enough? Is the cup size a measurement of women potential to be a good wife and mother? If the answers are yes, why do women exist in different shapes and sizes? 


Mitch Peter said...

nice post...huuu...i agree with u...i experienced it also...about the "flat" women type...but don't be so sad of urself... :)

Coffee Girl said...

some guys cant help it that theyre shallow. sometimes they want more than they can handle, and sometimes they expect something from a girl but is not well-equipped in the area himself. Dont worry Marble, you're better off without the guy. Cup measurement vs IQ, sadly theyre no match for each other.

MarlyMarble said...

Thank you. I am no longer feeling sad now. I'm learning to accept and love my own body. God created it best for me. I just have to take care of my body's health.

Coffee girl,
Yeah, I'm better off without that kind of guy. I'm looking for a smart and sincere guy, and I define him as a guy who can appreciate things that are more meaningful in a relationship. I know guys prefer sexual attraction over clever conversations. But I will not trade my intelligence for love (it cannot happen I guess) nor will I use it to control my partner. Instead my intelligence is for a good conscience in a relationship.

Hey, where are the guy readers? Cat got your tongue? Hehe...

mr_abs said...

flat-chested, even single-boobs, it's something we, guys have to accept it. it's unfair for guys to set things such as; i want the girl to have hair like this, nose like that, boobs with c-cup. it's unfair. girls should do the same, i want guys like this, hair like that, styles like this. girls should be more demanding rather than accepting the guys view only. it's girls' privilege anyway. care not about the guys' view ok. it's one sided view only :)

MarlyMarble said...

mr_abs, I strongly agree with you. It is undeniable that we girls, like good and masculine looking guy. But I (I don't know about the other girls' opinion) don't really care how does a guy's hair, eyes, mouth, skin, body or anything else looks. I would want a simple and smart guy, but with a courage and sincere heart. Seriously, I had never date a handsome guy (my friends told me that my exes are not handsome). Yeah, I should be more demanding next time. Perhaps, I must add that the guy must be financially stable. :)

mr_abs said...

thats the way it is. thats why, i dont mind girls looking for financially stable guy. well, like guys, we want girls to be like that, like this. and in reality, there's more women who could accept guys no matter how they look like, in comparison with guys, accepting girls for whoever they are. that's one of the reason why girls are suitable to be teachers. they have motherly gestures, no matter when selecting husband, boyfren, or even teaching kids at schools :)

Globalized Dayung said...

:)...Even women also want the BIG SIZES from their opposite sex. For me, we human have many choices and we need to pick the right or suite to us..whether big or small, nothing is matter. Does the big & small have an effect on your reproduction ability? Or should I say it's something to do with SEXUAL SELECTION or NATURAL SELECTION?

I'm not sure whether I already found my Mr Right because all Mr Right that I knew, are not Right sometime at all. Man or woman come in a package- bad and good. I believe in finding the suitable partner, or coincidentally found the ONE, one must accept his weaknesses. We are born with brain to think, eyes to see, mouth to eat & KISS, nose to smell, skin to touch, I am sure we can make a good judgement to find our suitable partner. Find the ONE that have many goodness and also he/ she showed his/ her weaknesses before the relationship is getting serious....I have small BOOBS and yet I CAN ATTRACT MANY MEN BECAUSE I CAN USE MY OTHER ABILITIES...

I wonder how Paris Hilton can attract many guys? Aha because she is damn hot famous & rich...small boobs she just said, I dun care a long as I'm better than the others....

Miki Aya said...

Size does matter sometimes. This is especially true for physical attraction. However, physical attraction alone won't last in a relationship. Though, admittedly, it could be a catalyst.

Anyway, don't sweat about what size are you. If you have enough confidence, you can rock even the world regardless of how do you look.

So, your friend was true in a way. Flat-chested girls need to work it out somehow or another. It doesn't always have to be about getting breasts' implant.

MarlyMarble said...

Globalized Dayung, I hope boobs size cannot be an element of natural selection. That would be terrible =(. I agree that we have to learn to accept the guy's weaknesses before starting the relationship besides looking at all of the qualities he has. And... yeah, that's the idea; I have other abilities!

Miki Aya, thank you, I learn to have the confident. Maybe you are right about my friend. Maybe I have to work to get the big boobs, not necessarily through cosmetic surgery, but can also using natural medicines or by exercising. He he... Since it is not an easy thing to do, so perhaps I can flaunt my beauty through my other features such as lips, flat tummy or else, but I hope elegance in style and personality would be the greatest beauty a woman can have.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Marly, ha ha, this the kind of posting I love, *wink*. Very interesting.
Hey, you changed your hairstyle?
You sure looking, wrong word, you look beautiful!
Keep a song in your heart, have fun.
Oh ya, my favourite cup today?
Iced coffee, ha ha.

MarlyMarble said...

Hi Uncle Lee, ha ha... Thank you. Yes, I changed my hairstyle. This hairstyle is cheaper as I just have to let it grow long and my lock is naturally curly.
Ha ha... small, regular or big? Just kidding.
Have a nice winter season.

HeyJude said...

i think both are beautiful, but of course some people will be more physically attracted to one more then the other! I use to be a bit insecure about it, being a size A, but i accept it, my love accept it and loves all of me :] Good post! i'm following you now!

MarlyMarble said...

Hi, HeyJude. Thank you for following me! Now I am leaning to put aside my insecurity. How lucky you are to have a guy who loves you just the way you are.

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