Cup Size Matters in Love?

It has been a long time and here I come again!

I have been busy sitting at home, even though it is really boring, but I had gone through some interesting personal experiences.  I got to know some guys from the net, and met one of them in person when I was in Kuching to attend my Convocation Day. 

But there is one thing which I thought quite saddening lately. It is something that I have been realizing for ages already, but it bothers me more these few days. It is about the acceptance on women's physical appearance, especially one that influence sexual attraction of a woman- the cup and butt size. 

Does breast size really matter? Most flat-chested women spend their lives worrying that their breasts are too small, which explains why women opt for breast augmentation. People say that the impression that guys love big boobs are merely driven by the media. But now, I see for myself, through guys I have known, most of them really sought and drool over big boobs. One of my male friend,  posted something like "there are more profound reasons of why guys love big boobs" on his wall recently. To me, loving large boobs doesn't need further explanation because large boobs are simply pleasing and heart pumping. Then, I commented there, "how about the small boobs?" He replied me, "you have to work for it". I am a flat-chested woman and I am not getting any fake boob job! 

The Chesty Christina Hendricks 

I can see that a curvy/chubby women are more accepted than thin flat women, because they have that thing, just that theirs are quite "excessive". Now, I honestly say that I was actually rejected from going into further relationship because I have flat body, as flat as a board. I was dismayed of how shallow minded the guy is, but I think a guy deserves to pick a woman he desires. He is not perfect though, not even good-looking enough, yet he is still searching for a perfect looking woman. So I moved on and told myself not to impress a guy who cannot accept me for who I am, he is totally not for me. 

The flat-chested Kate Hudson

Some questions still linger in my mind now; does a thin and flat chested women not deserve to be loved? Are flat women not female enough? Is the cup size a measurement of women potential to be a good wife and mother? If the answers are yes, why do women exist in different shapes and sizes? 

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