A Mere Update

Ahem... It has been a while, again. I am still career-less yet.
Apparently, I have managed to recover holistically but not completely. I have been teaching as a private tutor since last couple of months. I teach primary school students, and most of them are going to sit for UPSR. I teach Mathematics, Science, and English (upon a request). This week is the UPSR sprint week (haha, I translate this from 'pecutan UPSR') and I can feel again the tense of making exam preparation.

In the middle of July, as I was sitting at home as if I was mourning for something, a blogger pal of mine, the Globalized Dayung invited me to meet up. She went to Miri for research sampling. I was very surprised and excited because I had never expect to meet a blogger friend as soon as that. Globalized Dayung is also my super senior in my university, and we had the same supervisor for our Final Year Project.

We met up in the city in the evening and had dinner together. We had a long conversation, she told me about her intriguing story of befriending and meeting an illegible bachelor who is also my relative. I told her about my breakup story, then she motivated me to be strong and move on. We chatted until late at night. We went out again on Sunday before she went back to Kuching, to the beach for a walk. In the evening, we had dinner in my house together with my family. I felt like regaining a part of my family, as in the old Malay saying,"patah hilang tumbuh berganti".

In the end of July, I attended a dinner reception organized by my former secondary school. It was awesome because I got the privilege to meet my former teachers and fellow former schoolmates. My friends have changed a lot, but they said I have not changed much. During the dinner, we took pictures together like there was no tomorrow.

Last month was pretty merry to me, I went 'Raya' (Eid) visiting with my former schoolmates. It was like our second reunion for this year after the dinner. I could not feel the essence of Merdeka Day, probably because we were very occupied by the festival but I embrace how we mingled as one nation. Now, September has arrived. Today is my mother's birthday. May this birthday offer her as much joy as she give to all of us in my family.

Pictures courtesy of my friend, Jerry.

p/s: I will never give up.

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