Gawai 2011 in Kg Pichin

My family was celebrating Gawai in Kampung Pichin this year, as we always had. I would hope for better Gawai celebration each year. The major thing that makes me talk about this year's Gawai for years to come is the Tun Abdul Razak Long House Homestay, where the Gawai ceremony and concerts were held. This was the first time the new long house became the venue of the festival in the village.

T.A.R. Long House
The T.A.R. Long House design comprises the traditional elements and simple modern parts and facilities. It is built in the centre of the village. The location is very picturesque, with the Kidadum Mount which can be seen behind the building, green forest surrounding the area and a river in front.

Gawai celebration started on the 31st May (Gawai Eve). The villagers gathered at the long house that night and had karaoke singing and party. The next morning, we attended the Gawai prayers at the temporary church. After the prayer, many villagers when to the open houses of the Tebedu assemblyman's, Datuk Michael Manyin and the Deputy Foreign Minister, Datuk Richard Riot. That day, most of the villagers were visiting friends and relatives, and also open their houses for visiting. The visiting continued untill the 3rd of June. No concert was held on the evening of 1st June.

Opening of Gawai Ceremony
Langgi dance performed by the Bidayuh ladies

On the evening of 2nd June, a gawai ceremony and concert was held at the T.A.R. Long House. The ceremony was officially opened by Datuk Michael Manyin and blessed by Rev. Fr. Paul Henry. After the opening speech and padi blessing, the concert was played by the Mixed Melody band. The concert lasted untill about 5 am. 3rd of June was the Sports Day (Hari Sukaneka). Six zones of Kg Pichin were competing in the games. The champion of the game was the Binyok Zone, which is our zone. The prize giving ceremony for the Sports Day and Gawai concert was held the evening of 3rd June. The concert was ended at 6 am. The festival was very merry, however, to me, the are still many more rooms for improvement in the management. No Kumang and Keling contest were organized this year, =(  . 


Coffee Girl said...

This is in Serian, right? wah... it was in the paper, i read. but i dont know where exactly TAR longhouse is. hmmm

MarlyMarble said...

Yes, in Serian. It has 20 doors.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Marly, wow! I like that long house. Very nice. I have always been fascinated with Sarawak and Sabah, the people too.
Can see everyone having fun.
Back in the early '70s I visited a couple of long houses deep in the interior, really fun too.
And one thing I can say, I am a whisky drinker, but don't fool around with that tuak drink, ha ha.
I almost got ko'ed after 2 drinks! Kicks like a lovesick buffalo!
Have a nice day.

MarlyMarble said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
Haha... Yes, Tuak is very "hot". I seldom drink it. I'm glad to know that you had ever visit longhouses. I think the longhouse atmosphere in the 70's were much more authentic.
Have a nice day!

cyrildason said...

The longhouse looks modern and nice, and judging from the photos, it looks awesome. I just have a problem with the name.. Isn't there any Bidayuh leaders/warriors worth to have their names implanted on something as such?

MarlyMarble said...

Cyril, it is because the longhouse was made for the remembrance of the late Tun Abd Razak's and also his son's visit to our kampung.

Limin said...

waw!!!! gawai in pichin?? later if i have time i post about gawai in Rasau... :) nice!!! steady blog mu dayung..

MarlyMarble said...

Yea... thank u, dari. Iye, christmas in Rasau pun buleh. Kai tuhai lagi Christmas.

Farra Kikibum said...

omg,thts my kampunggg..i really miss it
right now :(

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