My Brain

Do you understand your own brain?

People say I love to think and taking serious of something trivial. Like understanding your own brain. People might say oh, who cares, all I need is something to eat. Yes, that explains why I took high amount of sugar but still stay in shape, because I use them all for thinking, imagining and being hyper crazy (even though I act like a sloth). I can even forget to take lunch when I am too occupied on something. Luckily, I never skip meal purposely as people use to remind me by taking me out. 

I am right-brained. Unlike the left-brained people who depend on facts, put needs as priority (except for food for some people), think of only important things so they can save sugar in their blood and would go diabetic if they eat donuts, I love to listen to music and sing along, go out watching people pass by, commenting their looks and fashion sense in my mind, thinking where they are going, what kind of people are they, what they are up to and "cuci mata" on pretty girls and attractive guys. I love to "buang masa". Now you can tell how a philosopher is different than a scientist. 

I am also poor in navigating. I will always refuse if people want me to drive to a place that I am not used to although I now that place. I often get lost in a place. I tend to get bored during long lectures and prefer to take classes with a lot of freedom of movement and thought (but not like a discussion or forum about ethics and science). I am a very dreamy person. My classmates might mistakenly thought that I was giving full attention to what teachers were talking in front. I took notes but lost them. I have difficulties in making my mind, sometimes I will think of putting some lipstick and eyeshadows on my mind and curl them perfectly with mascara. This can be a big problem in time sensitive cases.

Some people would think that I fall for practical jokes easily, because I would frown or making idiot "blur" face towards the joker (usually if the joker is left-brained). No offense, but it is an offense to me if you think that I don't get jokes. I am hard to laugh at jokes, I will laugh only if the joke is not funny at all (depends on the scene) or extremely funny. You would see me as boring and innocent at first, so you better make a first move if you are hoping me to not to pretend to be too cool. I am spontaneous and unpredictable. I am not talkative, but I can break the silence so bad. 

I remembered when my former room mate told me to get up from my bed and focus on my revision (she was my senior). But my condition was worse on the desk. I prefer to read while laying down and listening to music. I could not help it. I also remembered when my friend came to my room and watched me editing the photos of my sister. She said,"why are you willing to be bothered by your sister?" Hey, I really loooooove photoshop! I did not say that to her, because I thought that I was probably really weird. I love taking photos, editing photos, drawing, designing, writing stories and handcrafting. I love aesthetics!

I was once thinking that I am a psychic. My sister and some of my friends said that too. That was before I knew about the hemispheric dominance of the brain. People with right brain dominance have strong instincts, intuitive, and tend solve problems on hunches and feelings. Their intuitions are correct most of the times, although they are unexplained. They may also be interested in "the unexplained", such as the mystics, theology, superstitions, and miracles.

There are also persons who can use left and right brain equally, and I think they are usually genius like Einstein and Newton. I see that many men are using their left and right brain almost equally than women. This is maybe due to the difference in hormone dominance in different gender, I think.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Marly Marble, ha ha, you're a very interesting young lady.
I guess we're all built differently.
But I suggest you take it easy....don't overwork your brain too much.
It needs rest too.
A clear mind thinks more rationally.
A busy mind makes mistakes.
You see things better with a clear mind....
Have fun, and keep well.

MarlyMarble said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
Yea, my mind is easily distracted. So I prefer peaceful environment and enjoy doing my work alone. I have always try to control my stress since I had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. And I admit, I always make many mistakes. I am learning to take things easier and focus. Thank u for your advice. =D
Have a nice day!

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