I can't Wait to End My Study!

15 more days to go and I will be free (hopefully) and do whatever I like! I will have 3 more papers to sit and a project report to present. Gawai is less then a month ahead. The holiday spirit is very different than that of Christmas. St. Trinitas Church in Kg Pichin has been demolished and new building is going to be constructed on the same site to replace it. We will have new St. Trinitas Church next year. Gawai festival concerts in Kg Pichin will be held at the new longhouse, which is TAR Longhouse. I hope that it will be merrier than ever. I heard that many of the villagers who work outside the hometown will be coming back for Gawai. It will be like a big reunion! I will be posting the picture of the TAR Longhouse soon.

St. Trinitas Church upon demolishment.


Tiq said...

I thought the only Bidayuh longhouse is only in Annah Rais?
Ada longhouse lain kah? Sorry but I really don't know. Hehehe..

Waaa all the best girl. YOu can do it..Pass with flying colours haaa.. :)

MarlyMarble said...

This is the new one, sponsored by our PM Datuk Seri Najib for remembrance of his late father's visit to our kampung long time ago.

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