Building My Self-Esteem

I'm not a girl, not yet a woman. - Britney Spears

Building self-esteem is a part of my journey into womanhood. Being a woman is not an easy process. All normal women faced the same complicated phase which is going through puberty. Then comes another challenge that requires self-esteem, which is the process of adapting to the real world. For many teenagers and young adults this is a pretty tricky area. The need to be more independent, involvement in courtship, finding what to live for, are the things that women must get through in this journey.

If you have low self-esteem you may: not like yourself, be unaware that you do not value who you are, believe you can’t achieve good results at school or elsewhere, live in a world that does not work for you, harm yourself by abusing drugs and alcohol, become self-destructive in other ways and committing suicide. Low self-esteem often makes people do things for the wrong reasons.

For some women who really love and regard themselves highly, I think they are less likely to face difficulties through this journey. I envy those whose talent, great persona and physical beauty are approved by people around them and they really have no problem with self-esteem. Gender equality is not a big issue to me as a nowadays' woman. It is the low self-esteem I faced had became my main problem. By having low self-esteem, people will have low trust towards us, looking down at us and even bully us.

Although I am having low self-esteem, I would always try to think positively. I never destroy myself. I had been bullied in school but I had never been a peer pressure victim. I am a very shy person. However I am not timid, I can say this because as people get to know me, I can speak out and show them what I can really do. It is just that, I don't have the gut to make first move, because I am very pessimistic and thinking that my physical appearance would give a less convincing impression to strangers. Sometimes, my appearance give other people correct predictions. But other times, I can be surprisingly paradoxical (like my voice is very loud despite my petite and weak figure). I am unpredictable.

My dream star is very high. I will continue loving, learning and working as I reach my star. I will prove to everyone who had been doubting my abilities that I can make prominent achievements in my life. 

I am fifty fucking two and I will rock this dress. -Samantha Jones


Miki Aya said...

Talking about self-esteem.... I've realized that most girls here are really confident about how do they look, and stuffs. As for example, they might not have a supermodel body, but they can rock a piece of clothing, regardless of whether they have to show their bloated-beer-tummy or, their black lingerie, and many others.

MarlyMarble said...

Miki Aya, yes...
I know of some English girls who look very confident with their body. I salute to them. "I am beautiful no matter what they say". My aunt said to me, we must be confident, say that we are pretty and don't afraid to try some fashions, sure you will be more attractive.

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