One of My Ambitions was...

Ready to lock your lips before reading. No ROTFL.

Okay. My ambitions are very numerous. In my early adolescence, I had secretly dreamt to be a rockstar. I always adore girl rockstars so much. I was too shy to tell anyone about it because I realize that I am too graceful to rock. I dreamt to be a rockstar with vibrant red hair. I wished I can write my own songs and play the chords. Actually I don't have those talents. Besides, I knew my parents would hardly disagree with the ambition. Hahaha...

My favourite female rockstars:

Hayley Williams
Avril Lavigne
Amy Lee
Gwen Stefani
Bonnie Tyler
Anyway, I am learning to rock. -MLTR-


Uncle Seven said...

kue minat gila kat amy lee

MarlyMarble said...

hahaha...gue pun...plg best la suara nya.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Marly, I guess every young girl dreams to be an actress or a Rockstar.
You play the guitar?
Go for your dreams.....

When I was young I wanted to be a pilot. But later changed mind, do business.
You have fun and rock.

MarlyMarble said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
I don't play guitar but I do sing as a hobby. I changed my mind very frequently. When I was 12 I helped my father to design a house, since then I wanted to be an architect.

I loved to watch ER when I was a kid and Grey's anatomy when I was in college, and I wanted to be a doctor.

I designed dresses and picked clothings for my mum and considered to become a fashion designer or stylist one day.

Now I am taking degree in biotechnology.
I will try to search & enter any door that is opened for me and rock!

Bluffer said...

and mine was to be the next kurt cobain. lol. sje2 snggah n mnyibuk. xknal pun u ni spa, accidentally saw this blog ;p

MarlyMarble said...

haha...thank u bluffer for visiting and commenting here..

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