Mama Meow

I was climbing up the stairs to my apartment after having dinner outside, when I heard some "chuck! chuck! chuck!" sounds. I was quite surprise to see a cat cuddling some other cats as well as a big kitten (or should I say a juvenile cat) right in front of the stair case on the first floor. Actually, it's a mother cat breast feeding her offspring; even the adult ones! I managed to capture the photos of them, not to near because I did not want them to run away.


Tiq said...

mimik !!! awww.. i love cats..meowwwwwww

Just Call Me V said...

aihh....ingt anak masih kecik...uiiiii dah bujang dara dah anak..hahahaha so sweet! pusak sapa?

miss Fida said...

aih..kiut...ada indah nok besar ya nyaruk...tedah mama miow..pusak terbiar kat kolej kh?

MarlyMarble said...

Hahaha...kmk nganok sidak time ya, "aih, besau2 pn agik nyusu kah?"...
Hahaha...aok, sidak tok pusak terbiar rah kolej Sakura.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Marly, great shots! Love the pics.
Was admiring your profile pic at sidebar....
Wow! If I am a bachelor, I sure get my florist deliver you a bouquet of red roses with a dinner invitation card.
And you bring that beautiful smile of yours for dinner, *wink*.

Have a great weekend, and keep a song in your heart.

MarlyMarble said...

Hi Uncle Lee,
Thank you. Haha.
Wow, I am admiring u too!
I would surely accept the invitation, and wear red as u always suggest. =D

Have a great weekend, Uncle Lee.

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