What Attract Guys to Girls?

Most men ask "is she pretty?" not "is she clever?"
Yes, we cannot doubt that beauty is the utmost attraction above all. For those girls who think that they are not born pretty, do not feel left out. Beauty is very subjective. There is no measurement of beauty. Some men like women with full lips, and some thinks that women with glossy thin lips are cute. Some men find that women with large eyes are sweet, but some really adore Taylor Swifts' kind of eyes. Many guys love slender women, but I have met many hot guys who are attracted to the curvy ones. All women in this world are designed to have their own beauty. But if you find that no man attracted  to you, perhaps you never put out the best in you. Plastic surgery and eye-fooling make up are not necessary. Keep on being yourself, smile always, dress suitable with your body and age, get a sense of style and do not forget to beautify your personality.Do not let your face dull or pale, a light make up by applying foundation, blusher and lip gloss will do. Guys love girls who know how to dress well and elegant!

Every girl can be pretty.

 It is true that guys neglect the intelligence factor. Some girls think wrongly, that they do not need to be pretty, but they can mesmerize men by being incredibly genius. Guys avoid girls who think they can do things perfectly, having great career and super high education be it a Aeronautical Science Degree, Nuclear Engineering, or PhD in genetic manipulation and expert in cloning. Guys are not particular about girls' education level and do not like girls who have complicated minds. To the high achiever girls, do not misunderstand this point, guys will love you if you are down to earth, understanding, a good supporter and never misuse your intelligence to exploit men.

Many guys could not take their eyes off of cute girls.  Lots of girls really tend to imitate the typical cute Japanese/Korean girls' poses such as the cheek puffing with begging-eyes and upset lips. Yea, they are undeniably cute! However, cuteness may ruin a girl's attractiveness if she overdoes it. Many girls love to upload their "cute" poses captured from above for a drastic angle. It is annoying when every photo of a girl in her facebook photo gallery have the same "cute" pose. Some of my friends (guys) were fussing about the cute poses. Besides, girls use to think that being childish and funny is cute, and they are wrong. Most guys do not like childish and clumsy girls.


mavis v. said...

hee. kmk stuju. cantik is subjektif. lain orang, lain pandangannya thdp kecantikan seseorang.

Awang Hafiz said...

wow. this is a very informative article! you really done your homework girl.. :)

mmg ramai gadis2 suka buat aksi kembong2 pipi, mulut kecut2, mata bolat2..

Saya tak tahu lelaki lain macam mana,b but for me, I just love a girl that smile with her eyes.. ;)

MarlyMarble said...

Yalah. ada juak kawan2 mek suka mpuan mata sepet, ada nak suka mpuan pendek rambut, ada nk suka mpuan genit.walaupun banyak, tp bukan semua lelaki minat Megan Fox atau Angelina Jolie.

Thank u Awg Hafiz. Yea...mmg keayuan natural kalau smile with eyes.

Anonymous said...

very beautyful :)

MarlyMarble said...

thank u!

Globalized Dayung said...

Be gentle in everything...no body is perfect, but if you are confident with yourself, then it will make you look beautiful and wonderful to men eyes...believe me!!!

MarlyMarble said...

Dayung, I agree with you! =D

LaZybirdinPinkRibbon said...

ouch now i know why no guys attracted to me.. eventhough i may look cute, pretty and smart, dress nicely, but i'm clumsy : (

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