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Hello, friends! This post is dedicated especially to my female blogger friends. I've been tagged by Mavis Viviena to join the "Show Me Your BFF"contest. At first I doubted if I really have any nice photo of me with my bff. Suddenly I recall the picture which my friend-for-life, Felicia considered as her best shot.

Dear Nurulbadiah Lai, this is the best and the latest photo of us ever. I am on the left in this photo, Felicia is in the middle and Eva is on the right. It is not a perfect photo though but it makes me recall the great moment together while taking the photo last Gawai as we do not always have time together recently. Eva is now studying in Kedah, Felicia is happily married and I am busy in my final year of undergraduate study. I am looking bad in this photo. My hair is curly on the top and frizzy straight at the bottom. Plus, I was sunburnt because I was working in a fishery station near the beach. Ha ha...  We have been friends for 10 years already. We (Eva and I) first met Felicia when she was a new little carol singer in our church. We (Eva, a few friends and I) thought that she was alone so we invited her to join our group. Since that day, Eva and I often brought her to swim in the river, karaoke singing, dancing, head-banging, makeup and many more. Our bonds grew stronger year by year. Winning is not important. By joining this contest, I can feel like loving my BFFs even more.

To fulfill a requirement of this contest, I would like to tag:


Nurulbadiah Lai said...


thanks 4 joining.....

wish u gud luck..
done check ur entry

ur beautiful

MarlyMarble said...

Thank u. So are you... =D

bubu said...

beken kita adeh pic wang xmas kah?

MarlyMarble said...

yakah? gang adeh evvy ain kan...hehehe

Tiq said...

Oh this is so sweet...

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Marly, Wow! Three gorgeous SYTs (Sweet Young Things).
Wish I turn back the clock send in my resume, ha ha.
You girls sure look ravishingly beautiful.
Bet the guys there have to take a number, huh?
Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

MarlyMarble said...

Tiq: Thank u..haha

Uncle Lee: I was an ugly and tomboy-looking little girl. Thanks a lot to the little beautician Felicia, she inspired us to be pretty. haha... wah, it would be an honor if u send us resume. hahaha... Thank U Uncle. Have a nice day!

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