The Secret of Asian Cuties

Look at this girl.. Cute, isn't she?

Anime look alike girls are irresistable for the eyes to see. For the guys, you might think of approaching them. If I see them I would ask,"can a face really be that cute?". (Apaka)

They are neither sisters nor best friends, but the same person!

Let's see how a caterpillar actually turns into a butterfly...

Before makeup.
Put on circle lens for an illusion of larger eyes.

Apply foundation an concealer on face.

Then apply the eyeliner.

Put on the eye shadows.

Apply eyeliner on the lower lid.

Smudge it a little bit with brush.

Use white eyeliner at the inner corner of the eyes.

Curl the lashes.

Put on fake eyelashes.

Nose and face contouring.

Wear a wig and dress up. Voila!

I think she skipped the part where she put on double eyelid tape.


Miki Aya said...

wah!such an amazing technique.

Elizebeth Cynda said...

woo.. banyak tertipu dengan kecantikan yang memukau.

MarlyMarble said...

Yea... the power of make up!

VIVIAN said...

waaaaaaaa...mek maok gia juak..kacak eh..mata mek sepet..sikpat make up..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Marly, wow! If I didn't see this pics I wouldn't believe it.
But it looks painful.....
But I guess there will be women willing to suffer the pain to have those beautiful eyes.
I'm glad I'm a man. ha ha.
Have a nice day.

MarlyMarble said...

Vivian: mata sepet dapat bah make makeup...cuma perlu skill.hehe

Uncle Lee: Hi! Eyelid surgery is a trend in Korea now. Korean men are also getting it.haha...
Have a nice day!

bubu said...


MarlyMarble said...

bubu: maok try kah? hahahahaha...

Raf-Jitsu said...

yang ada di kepala saya ...WOW!

marly please follow n join my blog ^^

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