I am Alone but not Lonely

My new room mate asked me,"why are you always alone?" Mak Cik at the Cafe asked me,"don't you have any friend?"

I am a slow, shy and non-talkative person, and when I am walking alone, people might think that I am an anti-social.

I am not an anti-social. I want to be independent. I don't like to wait for others or letting people to wait for me. In this semester, many of us walk on our own different paths. I am comfortable of being alone in this period.

I must also admit that I don't have any best friend. But I do have many acquaintances. I still have my family and boyfriend whom I can seek for help, love and support. They know me well. 

I don't have any enemy. As a normal person, not everyone likes me but I don't think that lots of people dislike me. I never force anyone to like me. 

I am easily befriend people once they get close to me, especially the non-popular and humble. But I am easily betrayed by them. Friends who have influence like to boss me, because I am always open to help anybody. My Mom said that I am too kind towards people that people love to step on my head. That is why I am more comfortable walking alone now.

I prefer to befriend the guys than the girls. I don't like to gossip. I love to joke. I think guys are more open minded and honest in friendship. Guys are also very supportive. Guys seldom condemn their own friends and don't envy their friends as much as girls do. However, I don't really blend with very-talkative guys.

Don't look at me like I am a horrible, anti-social bitch. Remember girls, your heartthrob, either Edward or Jacob of Twilight loves Bella sooo much.


Tiq said...

Oh...true that. Men are easy to be friend with..hehehe
So how many more semesters to go?
Kau bidayuh dari sine kah? hehehe

Thanks for the birthday wish. Appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

i like twiligh :)

MarlyMarble said...

Tiq: i'm in the last semester now.hehe. kmk Bidayuh dr Serian.

tommy: me too :-)

Big Momma said...

hahahahaha...... a few times i came here and wanted to comment. i couldnt coz tak jumpa komen button..........

dah jumpa dah!!! padu hal di tepi ya...

cantek eh blognya..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Marly, its okay to be as you are. Sometimes its better this way. Can concentrate better on your studies too, less distractions.
The world is waiting for your footprints...
Aim for the stars. You are young only once.

And go exceed yours and your parents expectations, nothing less.
I know you can do it.
Have fun, and keep a song in your heart.

MarlyMarble said...

Big Momma: hehehe...lain drpd yg lain butang komen nya. thank u... mk molah header gik, tp blm terpolah.

uncle Lee: Thank u so much, uncle! I can do it!

ztie said...

Kmk dr dlk nak mlah button komen tepi ya mala sik menajdi. Anyway there's no harm in being alone as its for ur own good. Sometimes in a pack(group) can make u forget ur goals

bubu said...

me too..prefer guys instead of girls..girls love to brag about people who hurt them..annoying..when i mingle with 'all girls' group,i tend to be very quiet.even though im not tomboy,my guy friends wil say,i love to be friend with you cause u don't seem like girls.made me feel,??..they said its a compliment~ teehee

MarlyMarble said...

bubu, come & follow me bah..

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