Graduating Class Dinner

It has been quite a long time I did not update my blog. I have been busy lately. Last Friday I went to the Graduation Class Dinner for Resource Biotechnology final year students. It was organized by my classmates, Meldon and Melanie and was held in the Merdeka Palace Hotel. Well done to them, it was a very delightful and memorable dinner.

Melanie and Meldon
The receptionists
The lecturers.
Our table.
I was entertaining the guests (menyumbangkan suara).
Julianne was also one of the performers.
Game session
My team won. (from the left: Nisa, Marly, Dwen, Jonn, Ardi)
The lecturers' turn.
King and Queen of the Night
"We're all in this together!"
A "cili padi" between two Mexican men.
Andrew, me and Tini.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Marly, Wow! You look really beautiful in that red dress. Love your outfit. Looks like a YSL or a Dior? Very attractive design too.
I enjoyed looking thru the pics.
Very nice. Good luck to everyone.

MarlyMarble said...

Hi, Uncle Lee! Thank u. Yea, the design of the dress is cute.It's just a cheap generic dress though. But the shoes aren't. I followed your suggestion of wearing red. Haha. Have a nice day Uncle Lee!

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