My Simple Valentine's Day Date

14th February 2011 was our first time celebrating Valentine's Day in five years of being together. I cannot recall why didn't we celebrate it before but I am sure that we did not interested in Valentine's Day. It is not a religious celebration though, so we have the right to choose either to celebrate it or not. 

I think we are the modest couple alive. Just by riding two pairs of number 11 vehicle (can you infer it?), we went to KFC in Desa Ilmu for dinner.


After having our dinner, we tour around the nearby shop houses because we had no idea of what to do next. There is a fun fair just in front of the KFC but we were not interested to enter it. Suddenly, as we arrived in one corner in the second round of the tour, a salesman caught us and promoted a credit card service. Mikey said he isn't interested but the salesman insisted us to listen to him. "Senang sahaja ni. Fotostat saja IC, sudah boleh dapat kredit kad!" Mikey kept refusing and the salesman asked,"awak student UITM kah atau dah kerja?" "Kerja", Mikey lied. Then he asked again, "itu bini atau gerek awak?" "Gerek", answered Mike. "Itulah bagus, kalau kamu dua pergi hotel, orang kaunter tanya cash atau kredit, bangga lah kamu jawab kredit! Senang pergi hotel selalu kalau pakai kad kredit..." We escaped and walked as fast as we could without looking clumsy. Going to hotel for romance? I don't think so. No until honeymoon. And I am not proud to be in the red. Tak best la main hutang-hutang ni... If we really need credit card one day, we will apply. There is no need to force people to buy credit card.

After the loitering, we decided to walk back to the campus. As we were on our way to leave Desa Ilmu, we heard a high-pitched voice calling us from a car that was about to pass by us. It was Anne, Ley's girlfriend. They offered us a ride back to the campus. Before Mikey sent me back, we had a talk, watched the stars in the night sky and I finally thank Mikey for spending time with me and making the night a little bit extraordinary.


Globalized Dayung said...

Here in the USA, everybody using Debit Card. Kinda a credit card but they will deduct your money. You even can use your debit card to become a credit card if you can to get bonus points. The best part of this American bank service, no 20% charge for your debit/credit card...

Globalized Dayung said...

if you want to get bonus points...typing mistake without realizing can suppose to become want

MarlyMarble said...

wow that sounds more convenient... no need to bring cash & it's flexible. friend of mine here is using a debit card but i didn't ask him how it work.

Coffee Girl said...

Hi Bidayuh Girl! Nice site. Happy Belated V Day! - from another Bidayuh girl.

Coffee Girl @

MarlyMarble said...

Hi coffee girl!thank u for dropping by.

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