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I am not good in giving titles to my entries and I am not good in writing. What I wrote, I really mean to share it, not merely updating my blog.

This morning I was in a distorted mood because I got questioned about a reagent which was rapidly depleted. Even though the blame is not only for me, but also for all of my colleagues, however I really felt very guilty. I also recalled my unsatisfying work and weird things happened that might caused by my carelessness, and they added the stirring of my feelings.

After that, I bought my lunch and went back to my apartment. I was still thinking about it and had not eaten. I was quite angry and sad at the same time. Then I whined to the Lord Jesus and asked Him for help. I also said to Him that I don't greed for excellency this time. What I really need is to be able to complete this project even with the modest result, and I am trying my best. I asked Him to get me out of this by giving me strength to face all the hard times and challenges, because skipping this will not happen.

Then I took my time to have lunch and relax. At about 2pm, I went to the lab again. My PCR was done and I prepared AGE. As I was setting the AGE, I forgot that I prayed  and I was not hoping too much. After the AGE was done, I carried my stained gel to the dark room. My colleague assisted me. While she turned on the programme to preview my gel, I did not feel any nervous (like I used too). Surprisingly I got plenty of bands! Yes, not all, but more than half. Nothing to be proud of but that was my first time obtaining such number of bands.

I was rather speachless than LOL and scream. Nah... He sure helps! Yeah, He does! Just have faith and move on. I will try to be more careful when doing my work next time. One thing I try to not to regret is, to have no CNY holiday. Anyway, I would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year! Tonight I am going to watch fireworks (Not the Katy Perry's video, but the CNY eve's. Urmm... Yang Katy Perry punya pun boleh jugak)!

P/s: I am not Chinese (duh...) nor speaking in Chinese.


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