In ♥ with Danbo and Domo

I fell in love with Danbo and Domo recently. I don't think it is too late for me to know them. I was searching for bokeh photos in Google images last year and I found Domo. As for Danbo, Danbo is almost everywhere in the net because Danbo is more famous. Danbo came from the Yotsuba series. I don't know what is the history of Domo-kun and who created it.

Danbo and Domo
Blue Domo chasing Danbo (I guess)

They make friend.

They are very photogenic aren't they? Aww...


Crystal Domo. I love this one.

I remembered as a small girl I loved to play tiny dolls like Hello Kitty, crystal animal keychains and many types of doll keycains. I didn't play Barbie dolls because they were too expensive. I got the tiny dolls from vending machines. I was quite a weird, very imaginative and creative girl. I gathered them as a family, gave names to them and even built a house and furniture for them.

I think Danbo and Domo make good models for photography. I am thinking of getting their dolls next time and photograph them for my own gallery ( not going to make them siblings nor enemy nor building house for them!).


Miki Aya said...

Cool! :) I don't really know much about bokeh and stuffs though.

MarlyMarble said...

=)Bokeh is like blurring effect in photograph.

Hood XVIIC said...

seriously i like domo too.

but tunggu la kalau ada duit memang aku beli yang besar2 tuu haha

MarlyMarble said...

Domo kalau besar & empuk mcm bantal sedap dipeluk-peluk~

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