Was I a Nerd?

My schoolmates used to think that I was a nerd. I was having the characteristics of a nerd: wearing oversized pinafore and blouse, carrying large, heavy school bag, having neatly tied and clipped hair, and talk only important things. But I did not wear glasses.

I think I was not a nerd. There are reasons why did I have to be dorky. I had a problem with dressing because I was very very skinny that no pinafore could fit my size. I couldn't wear small blouse, because it will not suit the oversized pinafore. I tied my hair and clipped it because my hair was very frizzy and could not stay in place. My bag was heavy and overloaded not because I was very hardworking. I am a very forgetful and absent minded person, so I brought almost all of my text books to school.

I have been a very silent person. I do not talk much and I  seldom gossip. My introversion also adding the points to my 'nerdiness'. To somebody that had never talked with me, I tend to look like I have no sense of humor, just like most nerds. People judged me by my appearance and thought that I could not get jokes. I knew it because people used to make nonsense joke to me, like talking to a 3-year-old kid. In class, I did not talk to my friends during lessons. My eyes were fixed to the blackboard. Everybody was thinking that I was very focus, contributing to my excellent grades. Actually I was thinking of something else... remember, I said I am absent-minded?!

I have been very fond of fashion. It was only that I could not wear stylish clothing because of my unfit figure.  When people thought that I was busy studying in my room alone, I was actually drawing cool dresses and my imaginary characters. I went to the mall with my mum every weekend to see new arriving cool outfits, handbag and shoes. I had also picked clothings for my mum (my mum is one of the fashionista teachers in school!). Nah, my mum is cool...

Nerds are all dorky.

Guys from other class made fun of me. They called me "straight As", "genius", "kenit" and many more unpleasing nicknames. I am hard to become angry unless provoked. Again, that adding a point to my 'nerdiness'. As a normal teenager, I had also fell in love with the opposite sex. I had a crush with one cute guy at a time, but I was very shy to show it. People might think that I would never think of courtship. Once I showed it off, I thought the guy I liked would freaked out. I had tried to become courageous once, by getting close to a good-looking classmate of mine. All the girls in my class were like, "Uhh, please! Look at the mirror, you dork!". Well, that was only my "riot", they should have not worried to much because I  knew he would never crush on me. Oh, this remind me of a Taylor Swift's song, You Belong with Me!

Now I grew up and have some curves, I am able to follow the fashion trend. However I still have a limiting factor, which is the "ka-ching!" thing.

There are many types of real nerd. Computer nerd, bookworm nerd, idiot nerd, gamer nerd, comic nerd, anime nerd, just-simply-nerd, only-wear-skirt nerd, and etc... Surely, they are all dorky. Most of them are geeky and weirdos. Nerds are always being very very passionate on one or few certain things (except for fashion and sports) that they only live in their own world, making them hard to socialize, and tend to become fashion blind. They are very obedient, they follow instructions, rules and regulation very well. All nerds are left-brained, although they may appreciate some kind of arts. However not all nerds are introvert and lacking sense of humour. Not all nerds wear glasses. Nerds may seem vurnurable and innocent, but they can be damn wicked!

Well, this one... You name it...

Do not mistakenly identify all (100%) of those who wear glasses, have frizzy hair and wear oversized school uniform as nerd! No stereotyping!


Anonymous said...

ku pun kinda nerd b4..time skolah menengah..

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