My Nostalgia

Nostalgia is the bittersweet longing for things, persons, situations or the past. It also means homesickness. Now I am having a pretty nostalgia about things happened last holiday. I am missing my family and home. I am sure, in this back to skool season, many of you are homesick. Homesick can even make you physically sick, like having fever because it can make you feel depressed and this leads to decreasing strength of your body immune system (according to my experience).

As I said earlier, I am missing my home - then a question arises in my mind, where is my home? I used to have home in Miri. Now, I can say it is just a place for me to spend short term break holidays. My family has a house in Kpg Pichin. We use to gather there every Gawai festive and Christmas. Last holiday was Christmas celebration, so it means that I am longing for the one in Kpg Pichin. I really had some good times with my friends and family that holiday.

 Peaceful and green picturesque scenery from our house.

I am also longing for Christmas.  I enjoyed decorating home, shopping and making cookies before Christmas. I had fun gathering with my family members and visiting my friend's house  on Christmas. My Christmas time was joyful, however I felt that it was not as merry as in the past years. Where had some parts of Christmas atmosphere gone? I barely heard any Christmas music from the villagers' houses. Almost every door in the centre of the village was closed before 12 midnight. Had everybody became Cinderella?

Last but not least, I am missing my beloved pet cat, Mimik. She was found dead by my grandfather in the backyard. She most probably died of poisoned. A couple days before her death, she refused to stay in the house and refused to eat. Her mouth was foaming and her feet were wet. I got a chance to talked to her and she replied me with very weak meows. My mom thought that I was being ridiculous. I was so sad, I had even prayed for her. She had been living with my grandparents for 5 years already.

As my previous experiences, I am sure that my homesickness will be completely gone by next month. It happens every semester.


Miki Aya said...

Home is most likely a place where your heart rests. The Christmas I had last year is something different too, a little bit more to the lonely side. Anyway, my condolence for your cat.

greg said...

People wanted to sleep early because got Sunday mass on the next day, I think~

MarlyMarble said...

oh..26th was sunday. however in the past years, in my kpg people still open their house till morning on 26th-28th..

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