Creepy Community Hall

Take a look at this photo. Can u see a lady behind, on the left side?

I am still in a holiday mood. I need a motivation to wake up.

Alright, back to this topic... This photo was taken during New Year Countdown Dinner Party in Kampung Pichin community hall by Miss Judith (the one with white blouse in this photo). I was attending the party with my sister and friends. The next day, my uncle gave me this photo.I was shocked at my first glance on this photo. But after longer observation on this photo, I think it is not that creepy. A friend of mine uploaded it in Facebook and people gave different views on this photo. It is up to you to believe whether the 'lady' behind them on the left is really a ghost or not. After reading the comments, I came with some reasons why do I think it is a ghost and also why do I think it is a human.

Reasons it is a ghost
  • The hair - nobody in Kampung Pichin would come to any party with such long untidy hair except for Kevin a.k.a Ella Rungkuk, plus, he was not attending the party. If he did, I am sure he would not hang around at the sitting area.
  • The position of the head is too high.
  • I am not sure where the body is.
  • Nobody recognize who was that.
  • The owner of the photo claims that there was nobody with such look sitting behind them.
  • All residents of Kampung Pichin (but the babies) know that the hall is really haunted.

Reasons it is actually a human
  • The owner of the photo took it while they were sitting, so it is logic for the head look quite high. Look at the angle properly. It is not 180 degrees.
  • I think I can see the body- she is wearing a black top. Look like she was rising from her seat with her body bent. Urm... Maybe she was about to heading to the toilet to tie her hair... I guess.
  • Look at the pink thingy behind these two girls. Isn't it the 'lady's' friend? Get me or not?
  • In this photo, the 'lady' is smiling. Can you see her cheek uplifted? Or if it is really a ghost... maybe the ghost really had a good time.
  • The 'lady' look tangible. Look at the strands of her hair, and the reflection on her hair.

What is your opinion?


Miki Aya said...

definitely not a ghost. ha ha. the photo of her was such a blur probably because she was moving, and the hair looks like that, probably because of the motion and the camera.

MarlyMarble said...

hmm... i think so...

fifymeow said...

hi there..
my mom asl dr kpg pichin..
my cuzy from pichin juz told me bout dis creepy pic & i found ur blog :)

MarlyMarble said...

Yakah? Sapa cousins kitak dari Kg Pichin?
Haha... sampey kinek kmk sik tauk mok pecaya ka sik ya hantu.

fifymeow said...

haha.. kmk nunggah nya ajong..
p nya dh tua.. around 30-40 umo nya..
hehe.. lamak x pg cya..
mek tga pic ya, b'diri juak bulu roma ..huhu

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