Cup Size Matters in Love?

It has been a long time and here I come again!

I have been busy sitting at home, even though it is really boring, but I had gone through some interesting personal experiences.  I got to know some guys from the net, and met one of them in person when I was in Kuching to attend my Convocation Day. 

But there is one thing which I thought quite saddening lately. It is something that I have been realizing for ages already, but it bothers me more these few days. It is about the acceptance on women's physical appearance, especially one that influence sexual attraction of a woman- the cup and butt size. 

Does breast size really matter? Most flat-chested women spend their lives worrying that their breasts are too small, which explains why women opt for breast augmentation. People say that the impression that guys love big boobs are merely driven by the media. But now, I see for myself, through guys I have known, most of them really sought and drool over big boobs. One of my male friend,  posted something like "there are more profound reasons of why guys love big boobs" on his wall recently. To me, loving large boobs doesn't need further explanation because large boobs are simply pleasing and heart pumping. Then, I commented there, "how about the small boobs?" He replied me, "you have to work for it". I am a flat-chested woman and I am not getting any fake boob job! 

The Chesty Christina Hendricks 

I can see that a curvy/chubby women are more accepted than thin flat women, because they have that thing, just that theirs are quite "excessive". Now, I honestly say that I was actually rejected from going into further relationship because I have flat body, as flat as a board. I was dismayed of how shallow minded the guy is, but I think a guy deserves to pick a woman he desires. He is not perfect though, not even good-looking enough, yet he is still searching for a perfect looking woman. So I moved on and told myself not to impress a guy who cannot accept me for who I am, he is totally not for me. 

The flat-chested Kate Hudson

Some questions still linger in my mind now; does a thin and flat chested women not deserve to be loved? Are flat women not female enough? Is the cup size a measurement of women potential to be a good wife and mother? If the answers are yes, why do women exist in different shapes and sizes? 


A Mere Update

Ahem... It has been a while, again. I am still career-less yet.
Apparently, I have managed to recover holistically but not completely. I have been teaching as a private tutor since last couple of months. I teach primary school students, and most of them are going to sit for UPSR. I teach Mathematics, Science, and English (upon a request). This week is the UPSR sprint week (haha, I translate this from 'pecutan UPSR') and I can feel again the tense of making exam preparation.

In the middle of July, as I was sitting at home as if I was mourning for something, a blogger pal of mine, the Globalized Dayung invited me to meet up. She went to Miri for research sampling. I was very surprised and excited because I had never expect to meet a blogger friend as soon as that. Globalized Dayung is also my super senior in my university, and we had the same supervisor for our Final Year Project.

We met up in the city in the evening and had dinner together. We had a long conversation, she told me about her intriguing story of befriending and meeting an illegible bachelor who is also my relative. I told her about my breakup story, then she motivated me to be strong and move on. We chatted until late at night. We went out again on Sunday before she went back to Kuching, to the beach for a walk. In the evening, we had dinner in my house together with my family. I felt like regaining a part of my family, as in the old Malay saying,"patah hilang tumbuh berganti".

In the end of July, I attended a dinner reception organized by my former secondary school. It was awesome because I got the privilege to meet my former teachers and fellow former schoolmates. My friends have changed a lot, but they said I have not changed much. During the dinner, we took pictures together like there was no tomorrow.

Last month was pretty merry to me, I went 'Raya' (Eid) visiting with my former schoolmates. It was like our second reunion for this year after the dinner. I could not feel the essence of Merdeka Day, probably because we were very occupied by the festival but I embrace how we mingled as one nation. Now, September has arrived. Today is my mother's birthday. May this birthday offer her as much joy as she give to all of us in my family.

Pictures courtesy of my friend, Jerry.

p/s: I will never give up.

My Journey to the Real World

I apologize for not writing since last month. I have been busy slacking at home and searching for employment opportunity online. I had just completed my degree last May and will be attending convocation day this coming October.

My days after Gawai are quite challenging. I was infected by a kind of virus a week after Gawai. It caused me to vomit, having diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite and also loss weight. I had been suffering for more than a week. I was not the only one, my cousins and my sister were also infected. We all had the same symptoms. I had my stool and blood tested but no microorganism was detected, so I suspect it must be a virus infection. My sister had her tests a week after that, and she got the same result.

I followed my parents to Miri on 12th June. I thought they were trying to separate me from Mikey. But their reasons were more relevant. They said they can help me to find job. They also want me to help my brother in his studies prior to UPSR. After recovered from the infection, my gastritis became worse for two weeks. I think, it is due to the loss of appetite which caused me to eat less than usual during the infection.

In early July, I saw the announcement and information about convocation day in the university website. There was a list of graduates, and I happened to look at it. I was so happy knowing most of my friends are able to make to the graduation. One main thing in my mind was: searching for Mikey's name. I kept on scrolling down and down until I reached the Plant Science part, but I could not find his name. I could feel my gut was telling me something is wrong, but I kept denying. I kept on scrolling down to the unrelated programmes, where of course his name should not be there. Then, I tried to go up the page again, and scrolled down. I did it twice more.

I texted Mikey to ask why is his name not in the list. He gave me a devastating answer. I was acting like, kayu gaharu, kayu cendana, sudah tahu masih bertanya. "That's impossible! I think they missed out my name!" I hoped what he said was true, in a denying-the-truth way. I argued with him after that, forcing him to tell the truth. No wonder all this while, I did not feel calm enough whenever I was with him. I could feel he was hiding a big thing from me, but I denied because I wanted to avoid myself from being suspicious for nothing, for I know I am highly pessimistic. He told me everything was okay and he even told me that his study was improving. He was very convincing. The truth is; he failed twice before (in his second year and third year of study) but never tell me until I accidentally found out (I can still sabar), and now he made the bigger lie. He was not only lying to me, but also to his family and friends.

My argument with Mikey lasts about a couple of weeks. He did not want to let me go. It was a very sad situation. I was dating him for 5 years already. He seemed alright, but I could not say he was perfect because I was always giving (romance, accompany him, drive him to the town, lend him money, gave him motivations). He only gave me the romance and the feeling of being appreciated, accepted and beautiful; that made me feel like I was the only girl in this world. I did not realize the second most important quality that I should have search for after loving - RESPONSIBILITY. I should have also remember that the earth is not a paradise.

It is over between me and Mikey now. It was a hard thing to be accepted by both of us. My parents were also disappointed. My Dad was considering to unite us before we knew this would happen, but now he almost cannot forgive him. My Mum who was never agree with our relationship said that a part of our family has gone. I was depressed and again, losing appetite. I kept on losing weight and feel like a zombie. I guess, my immunity was down, I had  ulcers in my mouth and on my tongue. I could not eat properly. After that, I had developed an allergy. I did not know what had triggered it. Smiling had become a difficult thing to do. I changed from Mr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde that time.

Finding my Mr. Right now seems almost impossible to me. I pray for him every night, wishing to God to lead him to the right path. I left him not because I do not want to forgive him, but I want him to change, forget the past, learn to be independent, learn how to work hard and renew his own life. Now, I want to focus on building my career. It is funny that I am actually nervous and always worried of my size. I hope people will not judge me by my look.

I am writing this not to defame him, but to share my experience. I will be writing the next part of my journey.

Gawai 2011 in Kg Pichin

My family was celebrating Gawai in Kampung Pichin this year, as we always had. I would hope for better Gawai celebration each year. The major thing that makes me talk about this year's Gawai for years to come is the Tun Abdul Razak Long House Homestay, where the Gawai ceremony and concerts were held. This was the first time the new long house became the venue of the festival in the village.

T.A.R. Long House
The T.A.R. Long House design comprises the traditional elements and simple modern parts and facilities. It is built in the centre of the village. The location is very picturesque, with the Kidadum Mount which can be seen behind the building, green forest surrounding the area and a river in front.

Gawai celebration started on the 31st May (Gawai Eve). The villagers gathered at the long house that night and had karaoke singing and party. The next morning, we attended the Gawai prayers at the temporary church. After the prayer, many villagers when to the open houses of the Tebedu assemblyman's, Datuk Michael Manyin and the Deputy Foreign Minister, Datuk Richard Riot. That day, most of the villagers were visiting friends and relatives, and also open their houses for visiting. The visiting continued untill the 3rd of June. No concert was held on the evening of 1st June.

Opening of Gawai Ceremony
Langgi dance performed by the Bidayuh ladies

On the evening of 2nd June, a gawai ceremony and concert was held at the T.A.R. Long House. The ceremony was officially opened by Datuk Michael Manyin and blessed by Rev. Fr. Paul Henry. After the opening speech and padi blessing, the concert was played by the Mixed Melody band. The concert lasted untill about 5 am. 3rd of June was the Sports Day (Hari Sukaneka). Six zones of Kg Pichin were competing in the games. The champion of the game was the Binyok Zone, which is our zone. The prize giving ceremony for the Sports Day and Gawai concert was held the evening of 3rd June. The concert was ended at 6 am. The festival was very merry, however, to me, the are still many more rooms for improvement in the management. No Kumang and Keling contest were organized this year, =(  . 


"Why you never entered Kumang contest?"

What is Kumang contest? It is a beauty pageant for Dayak women, which usually held prior to or during Gawai festival. Gawai festival is celebration of the end of harvesting season for Dayak, which marks the new year in the Dayak (paddy) calendar. 

I was watching football match with my girlfriends in my parents' hometown last year, when a friend asked why I never joined Kumang contest. I wondered, why did she think that I am fit to enter such competition, or was she merely asking? I did not enter because I thought that I am too short, was too skinny and I do not know how to cat-walking. I should have asked her why she did not then, instead, because she is pretty, tall and intelligent. Now she is a married woman with a daughter. We call her 'hot mama'. She is the one I wrote about in October Bidayuh lady of the Month 2010.  I have another friend, Felicia, (whom I featured in my BFF contest post) who wanted to join Kumang last two years. But she cancelled her plan because she was not ready with the costumes. She was also expecting, but not obvious at that time. She is very pretty and  married, with a daughter. But she is very petite. We call her 'little mama'. My sister also wanted to participate in Kumang contest in our kampong last year, but unfortunately, there were some new rules: a girl who does not reside currently in kampong and of mixed parentage is not eligible to join. My sister would violate both of the rules if she joined. However, I do not think any violation would actually happen if she joined. We are still Dayak! 

Kumang Gawai Kg Pichin Under 18, 2008.

Kumang Gawai Kg Pichin Above 18, 2008.

Kumang Gawai Kg Pichin 2009.
Kumang Gawai Kg Pichin 2010.

Asih-asih nyanda, dayung Bidayuh kai paguh?


5 Deadly Terms Used by Women Including Me

Sad to say that I am like any other women who use these terms:
  1. FINE - this is the word women use to end an argument when they know they are RIGHT & YOU need to SHUT UP. 
  2. NOTHING - means SOMETHING & u need to be WORRIED.
  3. GO AHEAD - this is a dare, not permission, DO NOT DO IT. 
  4. WHATEVER - is a woman's way of saying SCREW YOU. 
  5. THAT'S OK - she is thinking long & hard on HOW & WHEN you will pay for your mistake.

My Brain

Do you understand your own brain?

People say I love to think and taking serious of something trivial. Like understanding your own brain. People might say oh, who cares, all I need is something to eat. Yes, that explains why I took high amount of sugar but still stay in shape, because I use them all for thinking, imagining and being hyper crazy (even though I act like a sloth). I can even forget to take lunch when I am too occupied on something. Luckily, I never skip meal purposely as people use to remind me by taking me out. 

I am right-brained. Unlike the left-brained people who depend on facts, put needs as priority (except for food for some people), think of only important things so they can save sugar in their blood and would go diabetic if they eat donuts, I love to listen to music and sing along, go out watching people pass by, commenting their looks and fashion sense in my mind, thinking where they are going, what kind of people are they, what they are up to and "cuci mata" on pretty girls and attractive guys. I love to "buang masa". Now you can tell how a philosopher is different than a scientist. 

I am also poor in navigating. I will always refuse if people want me to drive to a place that I am not used to although I now that place. I often get lost in a place. I tend to get bored during long lectures and prefer to take classes with a lot of freedom of movement and thought (but not like a discussion or forum about ethics and science). I am a very dreamy person. My classmates might mistakenly thought that I was giving full attention to what teachers were talking in front. I took notes but lost them. I have difficulties in making my mind, sometimes I will think of putting some lipstick and eyeshadows on my mind and curl them perfectly with mascara. This can be a big problem in time sensitive cases.

Some people would think that I fall for practical jokes easily, because I would frown or making idiot "blur" face towards the joker (usually if the joker is left-brained). No offense, but it is an offense to me if you think that I don't get jokes. I am hard to laugh at jokes, I will laugh only if the joke is not funny at all (depends on the scene) or extremely funny. You would see me as boring and innocent at first, so you better make a first move if you are hoping me to not to pretend to be too cool. I am spontaneous and unpredictable. I am not talkative, but I can break the silence so bad. 

I remembered when my former room mate told me to get up from my bed and focus on my revision (she was my senior). But my condition was worse on the desk. I prefer to read while laying down and listening to music. I could not help it. I also remembered when my friend came to my room and watched me editing the photos of my sister. She said,"why are you willing to be bothered by your sister?" Hey, I really loooooove photoshop! I did not say that to her, because I thought that I was probably really weird. I love taking photos, editing photos, drawing, designing, writing stories and handcrafting. I love aesthetics!

I was once thinking that I am a psychic. My sister and some of my friends said that too. That was before I knew about the hemispheric dominance of the brain. People with right brain dominance have strong instincts, intuitive, and tend solve problems on hunches and feelings. Their intuitions are correct most of the times, although they are unexplained. They may also be interested in "the unexplained", such as the mystics, theology, superstitions, and miracles.

There are also persons who can use left and right brain equally, and I think they are usually genius like Einstein and Newton. I see that many men are using their left and right brain almost equally than women. This is maybe due to the difference in hormone dominance in different gender, I think.

Hari Guru

Selamat Hari Guru kepada semua pembaca yang bekerja sebagai guru, termasuklah guru tusyen, guru silat, guru karate, guru Tae Kwan Do, guru piano, dan lain-lain guru. Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai.

Terkenang pula saya dengan kisah zaman persekolahan menengah dulu. Saya bukanlah pelajar yang sangat bagus dan cemerlang dahulu, tetapi saya pernah menjadi ayam tambatan sekolah. Saya pernah menjadi pelajar kegemaran sesetengah guru, juga pernah menjadi pelajar yang kurang digemari.

Saya dahulu bukan jenis pelajar yang suka berada dalam zon selamat dan melakukan sesuatu demi menambat hati guru. Saya seorang yang gemar membuat sesuatu dengan niat dan minat yang lahir dari dalam hati dan sanggup mengambil risiko hanya untuk melakukan apa yang saya suka. Sebab itulah saya menjadi budak baik pada masa tertentu dan boleh bertukar menjadi degil/nakal. Jadi, saya ingin memohon maaf daripada guru-guru saya atas segala kesilapan saya dan atas kekecewaan terhadap pencapaian saya dahulu. Saya tidak pernah ingin meyakiti hati guru-guru. Saya tidak sengaja sebenarnya. Kalau ada terdetik pun niat berdendam, saya tidak pernah kesampaian melakukannya. Hanyalah amarah darah muda. Itupun saya simpan dalam hati sahaja dan terus dilupakan. (Emo lah pulak...)

Apapun, saya tetap berterima kasih kepada semua guru yang pernah mengajar saya. Bukan senang untuk menjadi guru kerana budak-budak bukannya senang untuk menjadi pelajar. Tanggungjawab guru sangatlah berat, tugas guru juga berbagai-bagai (bukan sekadar mendidik) walaupun guru bekerja setengah hari. Guru  melayani, merawat, mengadili, menilai, menjaga keselamatan, menangkap, membersih, menghias, dan macam-macam lagi. Kepada guru-guru, teruskan melaksanakan tanggungjawab dan memikul amanah anda dengan penuh sabar dan berdedikasi, demi melahirkan insan-insan yang berilmu serta berguna kepada masyarakat.

Building My Self-Esteem

I'm not a girl, not yet a woman. - Britney Spears

Building self-esteem is a part of my journey into womanhood. Being a woman is not an easy process. All normal women faced the same complicated phase which is going through puberty. Then comes another challenge that requires self-esteem, which is the process of adapting to the real world. For many teenagers and young adults this is a pretty tricky area. The need to be more independent, involvement in courtship, finding what to live for, are the things that women must get through in this journey.

If you have low self-esteem you may: not like yourself, be unaware that you do not value who you are, believe you can’t achieve good results at school or elsewhere, live in a world that does not work for you, harm yourself by abusing drugs and alcohol, become self-destructive in other ways and committing suicide. Low self-esteem often makes people do things for the wrong reasons.

For some women who really love and regard themselves highly, I think they are less likely to face difficulties through this journey. I envy those whose talent, great persona and physical beauty are approved by people around them and they really have no problem with self-esteem. Gender equality is not a big issue to me as a nowadays' woman. It is the low self-esteem I faced had became my main problem. By having low self-esteem, people will have low trust towards us, looking down at us and even bully us.

Although I am having low self-esteem, I would always try to think positively. I never destroy myself. I had been bullied in school but I had never been a peer pressure victim. I am a very shy person. However I am not timid, I can say this because as people get to know me, I can speak out and show them what I can really do. It is just that, I don't have the gut to make first move, because I am very pessimistic and thinking that my physical appearance would give a less convincing impression to strangers. Sometimes, my appearance give other people correct predictions. But other times, I can be surprisingly paradoxical (like my voice is very loud despite my petite and weak figure). I am unpredictable.

My dream star is very high. I will continue loving, learning and working as I reach my star. I will prove to everyone who had been doubting my abilities that I can make prominent achievements in my life. 

I am fifty fucking two and I will rock this dress. -Samantha Jones

Petite Ladies

I am 5' 2" or 1.57m tall but I look much shorter than the measurement. I was surprised to know that the curvacious Fergie is as tall as me and Salma Hayek is shorter than me when I browsed on "petite celebrities" in the internet! Plus, Emma Watson and Megan Fox whom I thought very small are much taller than Drew Barrymore.

Ingat, kerendahan tidak menjejaskan kesihatan.
Lady Gaga, 5' 1"
Fergie, 5' 2"
Drew Barrymore, 5' 4"
Hayden Panettiere, 5' 1"
Lucy Hale, 5' 2"
Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen, 5' 3"
Nicole Richie, 5' 1"
Shakira, 5' 2"
Natalie Portman, 5' 3"
Hayley Williams, 5' 2"
Salma Hayek, 5' 0"
Victoria Beckham, 5' 4"
Jada Pinkett Smith, 5' 1"
Natasha (Miss Borneo Beautiful 2010), 5' 1"


I can't Wait to End My Study!

15 more days to go and I will be free (hopefully) and do whatever I like! I will have 3 more papers to sit and a project report to present. Gawai is less then a month ahead. The holiday spirit is very different than that of Christmas. St. Trinitas Church in Kg Pichin has been demolished and new building is going to be constructed on the same site to replace it. We will have new St. Trinitas Church next year. Gawai festival concerts in Kg Pichin will be held at the new longhouse, which is TAR Longhouse. I hope that it will be merrier than ever. I heard that many of the villagers who work outside the hometown will be coming back for Gawai. It will be like a big reunion! I will be posting the picture of the TAR Longhouse soon.

St. Trinitas Church upon demolishment.

Oldies@Otai Musics

Before you enter my room, I would suggest you to bring along a bucket. You will be irritated and feeling wamble if you are intolerant to the old sentimental music, old country musics, and retro disco. I am very fond of oldies tunes. My friend shrieked and frowned once when she heard "Vincent" played from my lappy. I listen to all genres of oldies from all eras, like Judy Garland "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (from the 1930's), Doris Day, Allayarham Tan sri P. Ramlee (local), Nat King Cole, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Kenny Rogers, Bee Gees, Datuk Sharifah Aini (local), Broery Marantika (Indonesian), George Benson, Lionel Richie, Endang S Taurina (Indonesian), Dolly Parton, Dloyd' (Indonesian), Black Dog Bone (local), The Alleycats (local), The Carpenters, Marie Osmond, The Beatles, Queen, Air Supply, Deep Purple, Meat Loaf, Search (local), Vanessa Williams, Francisca Peter (local), Berlin (from the 1980's), to name a few. There are a lot more actually. To me, it is not important to follow the music trends. I love songs with good melody. Do not get me wrong, oldies are not the only musics I listen.

Jackson 5


Boney M
Datuk Jefrydin

Aku Nyanda

Wang adǔp ira nyanda riputih, adǔp kelek nyanda,”aku ira ‘speaking’!” Pak wang adǔp ira nyanda kireng, kai dǔp nyanda,”aku ira ‘bercakap’”. Mung sien lagih wang dǔp ira nyanda Bidayuh, kai dǔp nyanda, “saya mahu ‘nyanda’”, pak dǔp pidaan,”saya mahu cakap Bidayuh”.

Note: Kayuh tulis ku ti anyap kaitan dangan Pilihanraya Negeri da nyandun.

Suka-suka ceh aku nulis ti. Aku sina ra nulis duah bahasa Bidayǔh. Ihong inya mungkin ira manang aku lawa,ngin aku aga ato maya nyanda Bidayuh. Kai ku aga, pak mǔnǔ ku maya. Pandai ku nyanda Bidayǔh, simua inya Bidayǔh Bukar-Sadong puan ato mirati kayuh sanda aku. Mina ku biku nyanda duah slang biPichin, kampung adǔp ku. Tusa lagih aku, manih puli biku slang adǔp? Kelek bitammi manang aku,"kai mu yu bipichin, yu tibakang pun kai mah".

Aku mayan da Miri, sikulah da Miri. Mbǔh 20 sawa aku marui inya Miri. Anyap inya dangan ku bisanda minan slang biPichin. Ihong bitunggar kǔndǔg amang ku da masu Tebakang da Miri, pak kǔndǔg andǔ ku buleh ku kira anyap. Adǔh dingan ku Bidayǔh, pak nǔ bitammi. Dingan ku da sikulah bisi Kireng, Iban, Bisina dangan inya Ulu. Aku ngan dadu nyanda kireng dangan riputih ndǔg bala nyahe. Adǔh gih ku nyanda Iban icǔk-icǔk.

Mung hen pun aku kai mah aku kambǔt asal adǔp ku. Kai ku maya ngaku adǔp ku Bidayǔh. Kaya dangan terkenal mung anih-anih pun aku ijǔ kai mah aku maya ngaku adǔp ku Bidayǔh, pak makin aku ira bangga ngin aku dapat bukti ndǔg inya, Bidayǔh dapat mura maju. Ihong anak inya Bidayǔh madi ti da ngandai da pasar, bait ne kaya, datuh sikulah, daya nǔ adǔh bisampur daya Riputih ka kai, maya pidaan ndǔg inya adǔp nǔ kaum bidayǔh dangan lalu kai puan dapih nǔhǔn andǔ amang nǔ mayan.

Sanda pitayǔn ku ndǔg bala anak kampung da makat maju dangan datuh sikulah, puan ku kende sedar adǔp ngan kai buleh kambǔt asal adǔp, pak aba dǔp kuyak bina dingan. Kekal mah budaya rendah diri kita, da namal kita selama ti. Bin inya manang dǔp aus. Hahaha… Kai ceh. Wang adǔp sadǔ-sadǔ, kai kuyak, hormat dangan sagǔ/sagan awang ceh inya dangan adǔp. Maju bala Bidayuh!

Mama Meow

I was climbing up the stairs to my apartment after having dinner outside, when I heard some "chuck! chuck! chuck!" sounds. I was quite surprise to see a cat cuddling some other cats as well as a big kitten (or should I say a juvenile cat) right in front of the stair case on the first floor. Actually, it's a mother cat breast feeding her offspring; even the adult ones! I managed to capture the photos of them, not to near because I did not want them to run away.


One of My Ambitions was...

Ready to lock your lips before reading. No ROTFL.

Okay. My ambitions are very numerous. In my early adolescence, I had secretly dreamt to be a rockstar. I always adore girl rockstars so much. I was too shy to tell anyone about it because I realize that I am too graceful to rock. I dreamt to be a rockstar with vibrant red hair. I wished I can write my own songs and play the chords. Actually I don't have those talents. Besides, I knew my parents would hardly disagree with the ambition. Hahaha...

My favourite female rockstars:

Hayley Williams
Avril Lavigne
Amy Lee
Gwen Stefani
Bonnie Tyler
Anyway, I am learning to rock. -MLTR-

We'll Know

“When we were five they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our answers were things like astronaut, president, or in my case, a princess.
When we were ten, they asked again. We answered rock star, cowboy, or in my case, a gold medallist.
But now that we’ve grown up, they want a serious answer.
Well how about this: WHO THE HELL KNOWS?

This isn’t the time to make hard and fast decisions. This is the time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere. Fall in love. A lot. Major in philosophy, because there is no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind, and change it again, because nothing is permanent. So make as many mistakes as you can, that way, someday, when they ask what we want to be, we won’t have to guess, WE'LL KNOW.”
Speech by Jessica Stanley (Anna Kendrick) on Graduation Day in Twilight Eclipse.

Terpilih Melanjutkan Pelajaran ke Sarawak. Mahukah anda?

Keputusan STPM dan SPM telahpun keluar bulan lepas. Musim berehat telah tamat kerana adik-adik perlu merancng ke mana pergi selepas ini. Kepada yang telah mencapai atau melebihi target, saya ucapkan tahniah. Bagi yang agak kecewa kerana keputusan tidak memuaskan walaupun sudah mencuba yang terbaik, tidak mengapa kerana pasti ada jalan yang terbuka buat anda. Bagi yang menyesal, carilah jalan untuk perubahan.

Pilihlah bidang yang selaras dengan kemampuan dan minat anda. Bagi saya, jangan cari yang menjamin peluang pekerjaan sahaja, minat tetap penting kerana dengan minat, di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan. Kalau pilih yang menjamin peluang pekerjaan sahaja tapi tak minat, anda susah untuk melakukan yang terbaik dalam bidang tersebut, dan akhirnya membawa anda kepada pencapaian yang kurang baik di universiti. Dengan pencapaian yang kurang baik anda susah bersaing di pasaran kerja dan seterusnya menganggurlah anda. Jangan ikut kehendak orang lain. Paling bahaya bila anda susah nak berpisah dengan rakan karib anda dan anda memilih bidang serta IPTA yang sama dengannya.

Dalam permohonan secara atas talian itu, anda dikehendaki memilih IPTA yang anda mahu. Saya tahu, dalam pilihan teratas anda pasti akan letak IPTA yang "top-top" di Malaysia seperti UM, UKM, UPM, UTM dan USM. Dalam pilihan yang seterusnya anda pilih IPTA lain yang terdapat di semenanjung Malaysia (bagi yang menetap di semenanjung Malaysia). Akan tetapi, jika keputusan STPM/SPM anda tidak menjamin anda dalam persaingan, anda akan dilelong ke Sarawak, Sabah atau universiti lain yang rela menawakan kursus yang tidak terkenal. Kenapa Sarawak dan Sabah terima lepasan lelong? Jawapannya, sebab ramai yang tidak memilih IPTA Sarawak dan Sabah ketika memohon. Jelas bukan?

Kenapa tidak mahu ke Sarawak? Jika anda ditawarkan ke mana-mana IPTA di Sarawak, bagaimana pula?
- Takut kena penggal? hehehe

Jika anda terpilih ke Sarawak, anda tentu fikir bagaimana caranya untuk ke sana. Terdapat 2 jalan iaitu jalan udara dan jalan laut. Jika anda memilih jalan udara, anda akan menaiki Boeing 737 Air Asia atau Mas. Jika anda memilih jalan laut, anda hendaklah meminta ibu bapa anda menempah tongkang, bila anda sampai di Santubong, anda akan disambut oleh ikan lumba-lumba (Dolphin).. Mana lebih seronok? Haha...

Setibanya di Sarawak, anda mengambil teksi untuk ke bandar kerana anda ingin membeli barang keperluan. Dalam perjalanan, anda lihatlah hutan-hutan di sekeliling jalan raya yang bengkang-bengkok dan tidak rata. Jangan terlepas peluang untuk merenung pokok-pokok di sekeliling, tengok kalau-kalau ada penduduk-penduduk Sarawak sedang melepak di atas pokok.

"Eh, monyet belande ade ar..." Kalau macam tu, mungkin pada waktu itu penduduk-penduduk menghadiri upacara di gua. Ada konsert ke ape ke...

Anda mula berfikir, bagaimana agaknya anda membeli-belah di bandar.  Pakcik teksi kata, " kita dah nak sampai pasar." Anda mula risau, "Pasar? Ade ke tak orang jual syampu Loreal dengan krim muke Safi situ. Barang aku banyak tertinggal kat rumah.." Setibanya di "pasar" yang dikatakan oleh pakcik teksi...

... anda nampak sungai. Anda dan ibu bapa anda perlu menaiki perahu tambang untuk ke bandar. Setelah membeli-belah, anda serta ibu bapa berasa lapar dan mencari kedai makan. Anda terbayang bagaimana makanan Sarawak...
Jangan risau... Ini takkan dihidang.

Laksa Sarawak
Mi Kolok

Midin, sejenis paku-pakis.

Anda pun berangkat untuk pergi ke kampus untuk mendaftar. "Agaknya cane rupe kampus tu ye..."
Rentas sungai lagi? Seronok bukan? Hmm...

Wah... Adventure betul...
Nampak tak orang putih tu? Pelajar antarabangsa agaknya... 

Anda pun masuk ke asrama yang ditetapkan. Anda memeriksa segala kemudahan di dalamnya dan memilih katil anda.
Risau akan keselamatan? Tidak perlu kerana kita ada...
Pengawal keselamatan yang digeruni dan sungguh berpengalaman.
Tiba masanya untuk anda berpisah dengan ibu bapa dan menyertai pelajar lain menjalani minggu orientasi. Sebelum itu, anda menangis dan berpeluk dengan ibu bapa anda. Jangan lupa menyuruh ibu bapa anda membeli kek lapis dan tebaloi Sarawak untuk dibawa pulang.

Ibu bapa anda akan menginap di hotel sementara menunggu masa untuk pulang ke semenanjung Malaysia. Mereka akan tidur dengan selesanya...
Janganlah bersedih terutama kepada yang perempuan. Kalau anda bertuah anda pasti bertemu dengan jejaka-jejaka ini balik kampung di Sarawak...
Si Capek @ Si Duyung Zach
Tony Eusoff. (Ada tatu pulak tu)
Henry Golding

Gambar apa pulak ni? Haha... (Nak promote UNIMAS).

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