Christmas Special: My Holiday Photography

Red dress checked, new haircut checked... Decorating home, uhm... I think it is 30% done so far.There are more left in my to do list.

I am very intrested in Christmas bokeh. Single lens reflect camera can do it best, but I do not have it. So, I tried to create some effects using Canon Digital IXUS 75 with only 7.1 mega pixels. It was a hard job. However, I managed to get some satisfying photos with bokeh and other effect. What is bokeh? Well, I can just explain that bokeh is the blurring effect in photograph due to a particular distance focusing. Google it if you want to know more about bokeh.

Do you notice a name formed in this photo?

This tree bears hearts.

Round bokeh

Multipurpose box

Mini gift boxes created by me.

Happy Holiday!


Miki Aya said...

I love the mini gift boxes. They are so adorable. Anyway, I didn't get the name that you were trying to portray on you photos. Help me?

MarlyMarble said...

Thank u... It is my name. u can click on the photo to see it closer.

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