What to Get for This Christmas

I can feel the Christmas spirit is in the air now although it is still 33 days to go. I will be home for Christmas. So far, I am planning to cut my hair and colour it with a shade of red for Christmas. I would like to have a haircut like below:

I also want a cute cherry red dress to wear on Christmas. See if i can afford to get them. The most important thing is, I want happy, merry and peace gathering with my family and loved one.


sheiLLhoutte said...

hey~ great haircut...i think it'll be look cute on u...hehe~ sy sokong! =D

MarlyMarble said...

really? thank u...haha...i've been longing for it. i want that kind of hat too.=D

Tini said...

hehe. marley, its goin to suit you well..=)

MarlyMarble said...

thank u Tini... wah, brtambah org sokong.. i cn't wait to do it.^^

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