It is not the End of my World

My life is getting more challenging day by day, making me unhappy, silent, switching moods, and more pessimistic.

In my final year project, I had done many times of PCR because I kept on failing. I felt that I was doomed. Finally, after my 4th attempt, I managed to get little products, and also their satisfying sequences. Thank U Lord, my world is not ending.

As in my previous post, I had mention that I am in the wrong stream, which is the science stream. I said that I am unhappy in my studies and have no passion it science. I am still feeling that way right now.

I seldom go to Kuching city. Maybe just three or four times a year. What a surprising fact of me isn't it? Last month, I tried to spend a time shopping in Kuching with my girlfriends, but we involved in an accident. Luckilly we were safe. It was not severe anyway. It was the fault of a crazy motorcyclist. Tak da nasib untuk pergi shopping lah saya ni. Pergi keluar sekali pun tak dapat...

I am a very very shy person. I do not like the fact because it means that I am an introvert, but I have to admit it. I feel so bad when the photocopy girls in Koperasi Sakura tease me and always say that I'm "pemalu" because they made me think that I look timid. Even when I just walk pass by some people, they can easily tell that I'm shy. Kalau tak pun orang akan cakap saya blurr atau sombong. My confidence is getting lower.

FACEBOOK. I begin to dislike Facebook. I know it is always my fault, but I would still like to blame Facebook. Day by day, I am getting more and more friend request from guys. Yeah, maybe because of my look (I know u girls will puke). But...more and more girls are removing me from their friend list (as I visit their page, I saw the "add as friend" button). I wonder why.

FACEBOOK again. And recently, a spammy aplication put a post on my wall. In the post, there's a picture of a male and a female doing sexual act. Yeah, it was my fault, because I clicked that kind of application on my cousin's wall for I was curious. And curiosity kills me!!! I was not worried that time because I chose to not to publish it in my wall and finally I regreted. Saya tahu kawan-kawan mesti dah pandang serong terhadap saya kan. I am really really sorry friends, I am not a slutty girl, you have to know that.

Now I realized that I need to control the level of my curiosity. Thanks a lot to a friend, he taught me how to remove the application. It was easy. My world is not ending. If the application still show up next time, tak tahulah saya.

I am having final exam. I am not a brilliant student, but I hope I can pass all of the subjects. If I am failing, I know it is not the end of my world. There are many more choices and opportunities out there. I am trying my best to be a successful person. I must be strong.

Thank you. God bless u.


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