Christmas Tree

It is still November, the month that always waking me up. I'm just going through my final exam rather than fighting, moreover, it takes almost the whole month. I hope I will pass all of the subjects. I am wishing all of you who are in the same boat with me, good luck!

I am counting days toward holiday. I am also setting a Chritmas tree. Yeah, it is still early for setting it... But I don't care. Christmas is my most favourite celebration. I am not setting it here in this post, but in the sidebar. Beautiful isn't it? Hahaha... (will be hohoho soon).

Why am I who live in tropical country have to set up Christmas tree, not a Durian tree, or Tualang or any other tropical trees? There are even snow, snowman, snowflakes thingy in the malls in Malaysia. Hello, we are not having winter ok. But we do have pine trees in Cameron, Kundasang, Ranau... We are imitating the way the peoples of the northern hemisphere celebrate Christmas. I remember I enjoyed collecting pine cones in Kundasang and painted some of them with white paint on the tips, while I sprayed the others with gold colour.

How do Australian celebrate Christmas? Well, you know, it is warm and sunny in Australia during Christmas. Sleigh rides and snowmen are unheard of during the Australian Christmas season. They have fun at the beach
(cannot be done in Malaysia because it will be musim Tengkujuh) and have outdoor barbeques. Familiar traditions such as family
gatherings, good food, and exchanging gifts are also part of the Christmas Day celebration. Like Christians in Malaysia, they also get into the spirit by installing Christmas trees, putting up Christmas bells and Christmas bushes and get some Christmas flowers and other plants to display in their home.


greg said...

hav u been a good girl?

MarlyMarble said...

not good enuf, i guess. =p

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