The Bag Challenge

Recently, I was tagged by Sheillhouette in her Bag Challenge post. Interesting isn't it? Check out what is in my handbag!

 This is my handbag. It does not have brand and it was cheap. My mum bought it for me so that I don't look nerdy anymore. Haha! It is one of my loyal companions during classes and outing. The size is about 15 x 10 inches. I do not bring it to the lab because I have a backpack which is much bigger. Let's see what does it carry.

Books and a hair band? That's all? Actually there are more members hiding under the books. I put out all of the stuffs from my handbag and listed it below:

1. Planner. I am actually not an organized person. You will not see any plans in it. I wrote drafts, Final Year Project procedures and things I had done in the lab in it. It is more like a draft log book.

2. Vaseline, to protect my skin from dryness. =)

3. Note book. It contains scientific terms and definitions. But I ain't scientific. =P

4. A sketch book. I got it as a gift from Sarawak Marine Life Information Centre in Sematan during Internship Training. I sketch in it whenever I feel bored.

5. Hairband.

6. The tip top member of my handbag - my purse! I have been using it since I was in form 5.

7. Compact powder to keep my face matte.

8. Facial tissue.

9. Car key. My car is now at my grandparents house for emergency use and... for my uncle to fetch me. I drive it on weekends.

10. Stationery. Wondering why are they in a poor plastic? So that the examination prefects can see through!

11. Instant hand sanitizer. I can clean my hand anywhere and anytime.

12. Magic lip balm. To moisten and colour my puckers.

13. Tinkerbell? What are you doing here?

Seems like something missing isn't it? Hehe... I use to keep my hand phone and room key in my pockets. My water tumbler is also not featured here because I am using it as cup. I would bring it every time I go to class. I am thinking to add another powerful member, which is the pepper spray!

Now I want you to take this challenge no matter you are a man or woman! Ada berani? Haha...


sheiLLhoutte said...

wow!~ quick response....haha!~ too~ i din put my phone n room keys in d bag...prefer to put em in the pocket...cause my bag is too crowded, susah mok ambik those tiny things out...haha!~

MarlyMarble said...

hehehe...biasalah..look interesting bah..
kadang2 tu sy letak key dlm bag, lama lg sy berdiri depan pintu bilik bila nk buka pintu.

sheiLLhoutte said...

yup2~ ehe~ letak dlm bag, time ringing, mesti panic mencari...lolz!

MarlyMarble said...

yalah..leceh bah.dahlah hp sy xda sarung.hehe

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