Memorable Convo Fest with Mike

It is the Convocation season in Malaysia! Firstly I would like to congratulate all graduates of UNIMAS this year. I can really feel the excitement in the air. I can't wait to graduate. mine is next year (hopefully). Haha...

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9th October 2010- I was feeling disappoint because nobody could fetch me back to kampong. I thought there will be nothing to do this weekend. So last night after dinner, I did my laundry. It was rainy that night, and I wonder, who would want to out tonight? As I hang my clothes at the balcony, I heard a familiar voice coughing outside. It was Mike. Ah, I got his message... He brought an umbrella. I changed my pants immediately, grabbed my sweater, hand phone and purse, and approached him.

“So where we are heading tonight?” I asked him. Sounded like asking him to go to some place like cinema, party or else. We are living in modesty, we do not have any car or money to rent car. so it means that we were only deciding to go out to some place nearby. “Let’s go to East Campus. It’s Convo Fest (pesta konvo). Is there bus at this time?” I said. “Sure! I have not eaten yet. Plus, Sixth Sense is going to perform tonight.” Oh boy, why didn’t I know about that? Why didn’t the news spread earlier?

As we arrived at the bus stop, I was quite surprised to see the crowd waiting for the bus. Nampaknya hujan bukan penghalang. We waited for almost an hour and the bus was just like melimpah ruah dengan manusia sampai macam nak mengalir keluar melalui tingkap (hyperbole). Hahahaha... Ehem... As we reached East campus, we tried to find some place to eat. Situ pun banyak manusia juga, dahlah hari hujan! So, we sacrificed our energy to Desa Ilmu to have supper first (it was already 10pm).

We went back to East Campus and people were still waiting for Sixth Sense. Sixth sense came a few minutes later and the crowd were screaming (maybe Sixth Sense were wondering why the screams were not loud and merry enough). It was rainy and everybody held umbrella. I assumed that was the reason. Adi (vocalist of Sixth Sense) kept asking for more voices from the floor, because the audiences were quite dingin. “Do not get us wrong Adi, there are really lots of fanatic fans of you here,” I thought to myself. I usually scream in concerts, but I couldn’t do so because I had a cough cold. Plus, no one near us was screaming, so I shy to scream at least once. =P By the way, we really enjoyed their performance. I am not a fanatic fan but I really really love their fantastic music.

Mike asked me to capture some photos during the concert but unfortunately, my phone was out of battery! Damn! Adi loves to be close to fans. He went down to the floor twice. The second time he went to the floor, he walked to the right side of the stage first, then, he went toward us on the left side. At first I was just watching it on the screen. Few seconds later I did not realize that Adi was running right in front of us (I was still watching the screen!) and I was really shocked to see him as I turned my head down. He lent his hand to the audiences he passed by. So I quickly strecthed out my arm to reach him. Mike was successful and (perhaps he was the last audience Adi touched) but I missed it! That was close...Damn! When the concert was over, I yelled with envy at Mike.

That was not the funny moment yet. Next, we waited for the bus. It was past twelve already. It seemed like everybody was a Cinderella. Only two buses were scheduled first, and both of them were damn full like melimpah ruah again. We waited for half an hour I guess, but the buses had not move yet. There were too many students in the bus yet way too many students waiting outside. So, most of us decided to walk a parade home. It was really like a parade! Walking from East Campus to West Campus is like walking 3 miles! Some students were demonstrating by blocking the bus. Many were recording the crazy moment and mentioned about uploading the photos and videos in Facebook. Finally we reached west Campus safely. Everybody was gone and the Campus was suddenly quiet. Gerenti tidur berdengkur lah diorang malam ni, tapi main fesbuk dulu... Mike and I had a chit chat for a while before he sends me home.

What a student life...


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