Can Tokay Gecko Really Cure Cancers?

My family is finding an idea of what kind of business to run. Running homestay, cabinet making, handicraft and agroforestry are among the choices. It is just a plan anyway.

Tokek found in jungle.

One day, my mum asked me about Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) or locally known as cicak tokek (because it makes sound like "kekekek"). She said that this geckos price so high up to a million ringgit (I am not sure what parameter measures the price). I asked her why is that so? She said that she read from many websites that these geckos can cure cancer and people around Malaysia are hoo-haa about it. She ordered me to ask my grandfather whether there are such geckos in the jungle of our village so that we can sell them. Urm... I never heard of the fact. None of my lecturers ever mention about it. I was very skeptic about this, and I hate selling wild animals somemore.

Tokeks can also live in houses (only in Southeast Asia).

So I went to browse some info about this tokek. Words that attracted me as I read the list of the entries are puluhan ribu ringgit and HIV. Then I clicked a blog that mention the tokek. It stated there that tokek have high therapeutic values which it can halt the growth of cancer, and acts against HIV and H1N1? Wait a second... H1N1? I thought vaccine is the only way to prevent H1N1 and there is no cure for the disease. Plus, it is very hard to make the influenza vaccine. It supposed to be so easy to cure H1N1 if the lizard can keep doctors away. The villagers only have to race and hunt more of this lizard without spending bulky Ringgits to cure H1N1.

Do you really know what is the meaning of vaccine? Generally, vaccine is an agent that resembles a virus or bacteria that causes a disease, made to stimulate the immunity system of the body so that antibody that against the virus can be produced. Actually, vaccine is an inactivated or dead virus/bacteria, when inserted to our body, the immune system can recognize them without any harm occur. As a result, the immune system can easily destroy the real one in future. It is not easy to produce influenza vaccine including H1N1 vaccine because influenza viruses can change (mutates) rapidly and frequently. So how can a lizard's tongue be a vaccine? Think, think and think!

Okay, maybe I should think more deeply. The article also mention how does the potion in the gecko can heal the diseases in a scientific way, not a magic way. The active ingredients that do the fighting is the "Tri-heksipentafenikol" (name given by IUPAC, spelling is in Malay/Indon because the article is in Indon). I suppose the spelling in English is Tri-hexipentaphenicol. Now that sounds really convincing... I became very convinced and started to think "lets go hunting!"

WAIT... Curiosity urged me again! How does the trihexess... what was it again? Ok, Tri-hexipentaphenicol act? I am not a chemist, I only know basic substaces/compounds. So, I browsed for it and the result was:

We did not find results for: Tri-hexipentaphenicol. Try the suggestions below or type a new query above.
  • Check your spelling.
  • Try more general words.
  • Try different words that mean the same thing.
  • Try asking a question on Yahoo! Answers

Then I tried using different approach. I went to the NCBI Entrez browser and applied boolean operator to make query like I learnt in Bioinformatics. I typed "Gecko AND cancer". No desired results found! Then I searched for it in google scholars. I searched for Gekko gecko and cancer again. There are no entry about it....

So, what can I conclude here is, there is no such thing! It is just a HOAX! There is no scientific evidence to verify that tokek can cure diseases. But if you really know that tokek really can cure diseases, please correct me and prove me the fact. Humans are greedy. But I am still wondering, why tokek?


FeNcYnEsS said...


do you know who are buying gecko like this? coz we have 4 geckos here and want to sell..


labulabi said...

selamat hari gawai ngan kitak serumah.hehehe.terlupak nak ucap.hihi

Encik Amman said...

hehe.. memang mahal pun gecko tu sampai juta2 pun ade. dengar2 leh ubat HIV , aids. tak tau la betul ke tak tu.

Jayllytaa said...

sounds funny when u says cicak tokek (because it makes sound like "kekekek") hehhe ;)

kanibal said...

halu fencyness,

how much would you sell for them?

Raf-Jitsu said...

wow GECKO ^^

Jason said...

Hello thank you for your blog. I would really like to see some concrete evidence and studies in how the gecko's combat these unique diseases (AIDS & CANCER). How can one reptile be the cure for two of the most prevalent diseases. Just does not add up or make sense.

Yet Im hearing rumours International buyers purchasing these tokay geckos for significant prices.

Jimmy said...

Only a patient will know, nobody else but the patient knows better if the Tokay works. Just do a heath test prior and after taking the 'Tokay'. Most commenters are hipocrits, they know nuts yet comment a great deal ... sigh.

AIDS and Cancer have been around for decades and are grouped as critical illness in our health insurance. Todate, CURE is are RARE word.

Most have read the Pharmaceutical companies are a rip off. If a cure is discovered, they'll all be bankrupt! It is rumoured the 'MULTI-BILLION' pharmaceutical group will bribe the FDA not to easily pass a cure for critical illnessnesses.

In desperate measures, patients will seek all alternative possible. Everybody wants to live, nobody will be happy if your doctor tells u, u have 2 months to live.

MarlyMarble said...

labulabi, sorry lambat reply... been busy lately. haha. thank u.

MarlyMarble said...

Encik Amman,
Ha, itulah persoalannya. Belum ada bukti sebenarnya. Tak salah kalau pesakit nak mencuba, tapi tak berbaloi lah kalau dijual harga mahal jika tak beri apa-apa kesan pun kan.

MarlyMarble said...

You are welcome. Yes, I agree. To me, it is like making up facts for greed. Plus, Cancer and AIDS are 2 different diseases and not related to each other at all. How can a source be the cure of those prevalent diseases, as u said.

MarlyMarble said...

Yes, that's true. When the cure has been found, no more fund for the scientists! Poor desperate patients who are seeking for this poor creature. This is what I call exploitation.

MarlyMarble said...

Haha... yea...susah nak explain mcm mana bunyi nya. Ada humour sikit-sikit lah.

izzahthesixth said...

Hi. I am a final year student currently studying in the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. I am doing a research project on Nasopharyngeal Cancer (NPC) in different populations and I am interested in the study of NPC amongst the Bidayuh people. I am from Brunei and I am not very familiar about the customs and culture of Bidayuh. I found your blog as I was searching for literatures on Bidayuh online and I hope this is not too much of a hassle but could I possibly ask a few questions? I would like to know more about Bidayuh and this will be very useful for my research on why NPC incidence rates are significantly high.

I hope this is not too much of a trouble and I really appreciate your help. Could you please contact me at I tried looking for your contact information but I couldn't find it. Thank you.

Ichsan Lusman said...

hi all, I just want to share knowledge about tokay geckos, only geckos that suit the criterias and weight are saleable. Some of the important criterias are : head is bigger compared to its stomach, aggressive and responsive, achieve the minimum weight, to have a transaction for a single pce the minimum weight required is 380 gram, below 380 gram must be sold in package (and this is not easy it means more than 1 pce, for example 330 gram (8 pcs), 350 gram (4 pcs).

So if you guys are trying to grow tokays make sure that they are not manually fed, it can cause abnormaility in your gecko, such as big stomach but small head, and this kind of gecko is rejected by buyer, everything you do to your tokay must be natural, or you ll lose your time feeding the gecko for nothing.

Not all buyers buy geckos for medicinal purpose, the cure of HIV/AIDS or other disease by using gecko is not proven yet, but because there is a special need that not many people knows, and the value is much more than the price of a big gecko, and this is also why geckos below 380 gram must be sold in package.

I personally can tell you, gecko transaction is true, but this transaction is not for everybody, many people just think that if they have big gecko then they ll get rich, so then they create their own system of transaction, i can tell you, it ll end up FAIL. gecko payment doesn’t involve personal money of the buyer, but you are paid by system, this means everything should be started with a contract not just infos or videos sent to your buyer, so my suggestion, learn more about the criterias and weight before you decide to have a real transaction. thank you. God bless

Nayem Hasan said...

Message starred Friday, November 30, 2012 3:04 PM I am Hasan Nayem from Dhaka, Bangladesh, i have collected some gecko tokay & preserving them in my facility located in Chittagong, Sylhet . they are of many dimensions, 300 to 340 gram(17 inch) 340 to 390 gram( 6 piece), 1 of 460 gram, 1 of 435gram, 1 of 510gram,I believe they are very rare & precious species so i believe your pricing needs to be revised, let me know how do you proceed . if the deal is fair & successful then ill manage more for you.but we need at least 1 trial deal of a piece 300 to 340 gram,and the main term is you have to pay cash in dollar or euro at the time of confirmation of buying,you are to check the condition of these at your presence And take spot buying decision. I am giving u the specification of 1 unit for further proceeding.
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*Minimum Order Quantity
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If you feel interested about the deal please contact me
Thank you
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