Natural Curl

Natural again. I used to have long straight hair and it was my trademark. The last time I re-bonded it was last year's Gawai (Dayak Harvesting season). My hair started to reveal its original trait as it grew longer. It looked so messy and ugly because the top part of my hair was frizzy but the lower part remained straight. So I decided to let my uncle who is an amateur hair stylist to trim my hair. I ordered him to cut it in medium layers, surprisingly, the end of my hair curls nicely. When I returned to campus the next day, many of my friends thought that I went to curl or perm my hair. I denied but some of them almost refused to believe. Yeah, I always deny things. I always do joke and hardly show serious expression. No wonder they couldn't believe me.


Miki Aya said...

Your curl is so nice ^_^

MarlyMarble said...

thanks.but sometimes it doesn't stay in place.

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