Pilih Bidang yang sesuai. Know what is your Passion for

Hari ini sungguh buruk bagi saya. Buruk? Baiklah. Tadi cerah saja, tak hujan. Aman pula tu. Saya sendiri yang membuatkan hari saya buruk. Saya telah kehilangan sesuatu. Saya lupa bagaimana ia berlaku. Saya andaikan saya telah melakukan kecuaian. I feel so awful.

I don't like what I'm doing now. My achievements are not bad but I am not happy of what I'm doing. I have been trying my best to instill happiness in my study years, but I can feel that something is not right. I do not have the passion. I have been thinking like this since last semester. I have just realized that this is not what I meant to do. Why did I choose this program? I hate regreting. I did not make it to medical study so I took Biotechnology. Okay, that sounds awkward, because Biotechnology suppose to be easier. What I really mean is, I do not belong to medical nor science. Maybe I did it just for my pride. I am actually a right-brained person. It is up to you whether to believe the personality and brain thingy or not. So what am I going to do next? Opt for KPLI?

Find out are you right-brained or left braine on http://psychology.about.com/od/cognitivepsychology/a/left-brain-right-brain.htm

I don't call it a hobby. And yes, there really are scientists that wear jeans.

Scientists are normal.

Nasihat saya kepada adik-adik lepasan sekolah menengah tidak kisahlah pelajar yang cemerlang atau tidak:

Pastikan anda tahu kebolehan dan minat anda.

Suaikan minat dan kebolehan anda dengan bidang yang akan anda pilih agar pilihan anda tepat dan tidak merugikan.

Lakukan kerja rumah; iaitu dengan mengkaji latar belakang bidang yang anda senaraikan.

Pasaran kerja boleh menghadkan pilihan. Pilihlah bidang yang anda suka dan pastikan ia boleh memenuhi kehendak pasaran kerjaya pada masa akan datang iaitu pada masa anda akan mencari kerja kelak.

Rajinlah bertanya dengan guru kaunseling anda. Mereka mungkin akan menyuruh anda melakukan kuiz personaliti dan kuiz kerjaya sebelum memberi nasihat dan cadangan. Mereka tidak akan makan anda sekiranya anda mempunyai keputusan SPM yang buruk, sebaliknya mereka pasti akan menolong anda dengan bersungguh-sungguh.

Natural Curl

Natural again. I used to have long straight hair and it was my trademark. The last time I re-bonded it was last year's Gawai (Dayak Harvesting season). My hair started to reveal its original trait as it grew longer. It looked so messy and ugly because the top part of my hair was frizzy but the lower part remained straight. So I decided to let my uncle who is an amateur hair stylist to trim my hair. I ordered him to cut it in medium layers, surprisingly, the end of my hair curls nicely. When I returned to campus the next day, many of my friends thought that I went to curl or perm my hair. I denied but some of them almost refused to believe. Yeah, I always deny things. I always do joke and hardly show serious expression. No wonder they couldn't believe me.


Natural Skinny

Most of my girlfriends sighs about putting on weight. Flabs, fats, thick flesh and cellulite are yucky! But being attractive not does not mean that you need to be super skinny. Remember, being curvy is juicy, cute and yummy. To be over the edge, dress accordingly.

I am a skinny person. I am always under the normal range since I was a kid. Even the kids who are living in poverty look healthier than me. I have been seeing many doctors to ask what is my problem. Most doctors said I am healthy, but one was suspecting that I am having Anorexia. I denied it and he kept advising me to eat. Yes, sometimes i do eat a little because I am easily full and there are times I eat like a freakin' horse, but I'm not anorexic! I am way off of the idea of being skinny to look pretty! I wish to gain weight so bad. This was how Kiera Knightly felt.

Is this what u call sexy? I don't think so. This is not Kiera, this is an anorexic model. I don't know who she is anyway. This look does attract people but in a negative way.

I dream to have a curvy body and fit in body con dresses. Being too skinny is not fashionable - it's like putting clothes on a twig. Big size does not really matter if you can eliminate ugly flabs and cellulite. All you have to do is to eat lots of veges and fruits, and have regular exercise.

Tips Badan cantik (boleh percaya ke?):
  • Boleh makan apa yang disukai... tetapi banyakkan lagi makan sayur-sayuran dan buah-buahan
  • banyakkan bergerak (bersenam, bersukan) dan berfikir (main sudoku, catur, atau membaca buku)- berfikir banyak menggunakan glukosa
  • Makan dengan perlahan. Bolehlah mendengar muzik yang bagus ketika makan supaya anda tidak fokus untuk menghabiskan makanan dengan cepat
  • Makan dan minum SEBELUM bersenam bukan selepas bersenam. Makanan akan dibakar semasa bersenam dan rasa lapar lebih kurang selepas bersenam. Tapi jangan lah makan banyak sangat sebelum bersenam.
  • Makan sebelum lapar, berhenti sebelum kenyang.
  • Tidur dengan secukupnya
  • Jangan malas.
  • kurangkan gula dalam minuman, tambahkan gula dalam senyuman
Curvacious Kardashian

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