Marly Monroe the Mamarazzi

Marly Monroe

In FRST UNIMAS, if you are a Biotech students, beware of a pair of eye which is observing you everywhere and anytime. My course mate, Patsy in her blog had come out with a new name of mine; Marly Monroe the mamarazzi. I am no doubt and giving no comment about it.

I guess, many people would dream to be a celebrity in the glamorous world. But to me, being a celebrity especially with cheap publicity is not a good dream. I would like to be a paparazzo if I have the chance to be a part of that world. Paparazzi collect more profits by selling rubbish photos, which are very precious to the mass media and consumers of the mass media. Besides, paparazzi are among the first to know what's going on. The bad thing of being paparazzi is of course; celebrities hate them.
p/s: hope my dear friends are okay with me...
They were not terrible photos. Actually, I was just trying to show what biotech student are up to in their life as students. But of course, they are taken without permission...

The wikipedia defines paparazzi as photographers who take unstaged and/or candid photographs of celebrities caught unaware. Paparazzi take photos of celebrities at moments when the subjects do not expect to be photographed, such as when they shop, walk through a city, eat at a restaurant, or swim or lie on the beach or in the faculty(mau jugak...).


Miki Aya said...

The last photo is really well taken. ha ha. Plus, you look so nice as Marly Monroe ^_^

MarlyMarble said...

hahaha...thank u... i just replaced elizabeth taylor's face with mine.

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