Many people guessed my race wrongly. Just because I have fair skin and re bonded straight hair, people thought that I am a Chinese. It had been many times that people spoke Chinese to me; while walking at the market, in my college and during National Service. Even my house matethought that I am Chinese.

I am of a Sadong Bidayuh descent but I was raised in Miri, a non -Bidayuh land. Sadong Bidayuh people dwell in Serian, a small town near Kuching, Sarawak. My mother comes from Kampung Pichin and my father is from Kampung Tebakang. These villages are adjacent to each other, however they have very distinct different accents. For example, the word "hear" in Tebakang is "kedingah" while in Pichin is "kaping". Another example is the phrase "to scare". "to scare" in tebakang is "taru" while in Pichin is "ngadu". instead of saying either "taru" or "ngadu", I rather say it as "ngancak inya tirawu" which means, "to make people afraid". I can say that Pichin accent sounds more less like a song (-.-) with many tunes for different expressions (I am still working on this).

Old folks in my mother's village use to laugh at the way I speak Bidayuh. Because I live neither in Kg Tebakang nor Pichin, I am oriented in neither of these accents. I speak mixed language (Bidayuh+English+Malay) at home. We also speak this mixed language to our friends in our villages because we don't know which words belong to which accent. The kids in the village thought that we were showing off our ability to speak English and Malay (eksen kata orang).

The villagers of Kg Tebakang say that we are more to Pichin accent whereas the vilagers in Kg Tebakang say the opposite thing. Actually, we are neither of those accents!


Miki Aya said...

I guess, if you can't be either one of them, you can just be both of them, don't you?

MarlyMarble said...

I said to my granny, I'm both. she disagreed and wanting me to master in Pichin accent cuz we will b dwelling in Pichin soon. =P

Globalized Dayung said...

Me....hahahaha! I'm Kuchingian. My father's Bau dialect is not same with my mother's dialect. Even the way to pronounce. So I have to learn both but somehow I'm confuse

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